Who is Yamimash? Wiki: Girlfriend, Son, Net Worth, Affair, Dating, Married

Who is Yamimash? Wiki: Girlfriend, Son, Net Worth, Affair, Dating, Married

Who is Yamimash?

Playing games on the internet and seeing others play games on the internet are just two actions which have burgeoned into a massive industry as it’s early infancy. There are an array of success stories. He began uploading movies in 2009 and began bringing quite a massive following. Nonetheless, in ancient 2016, controversy struck. This caused a set of events which saw his rising popularity plummet until it had been nearly non-existent. But he began putting the pieces of his stumbling profession back together in early 2017.

Biography of Yamimash

But he afterwards added Call of Duty into his playing portfolio. In the first days, Yamimash wasn’t much of a fan of commentaries and also didn’t bother together in his movies. But while the business started to evolve, he chose to give it a go and it clicked with his fan base. In 2012, Yamimash chose to expand his portfolio outside a two-game station. He began trying out other matches, and his fame exploded . In spite of the greater variety of matches he playedhis taste still churns towards terror or horror related games like Slender, Fantasy of the Blood Moon, White Noise, Hotel 626, MAZE etc.. But, “Mash”, as he’s affectionately called by his followers didn’t play scary games. His gambling catalogue also has movies for matches such as Minecraft and Pokmon. Yamimash also supplies facecam on virtually all of his gameplay. He’s largely a solo game participant, but he’s done several collaborations with a number of his fellow Youtube gamer buddies. He’s done lots of co-ops together with his buddy Edge. They listed a total of 20 video episodes for its match Bloody Trapland. They also collaborated on Youtube show where they played with the terror game Slendytubbies. Their alliance on Terraria lasted just two episodes. Another individual Yamimash has collaborated is his buddy Shane, called AaroInTheKnee. He was Yamimash’s roommate. His Minecraft show with AaroInTheKnee is the longest he’s uploaded, spanning over 50 movies. Sooner or later, they have been joined by still another friend and fellow terror gamer, Markiplier.


There isn’t info regarding the relationship history of Yamimash . The online gamer was communicating fellow Youtuber Jessica (JessIsAwesomexo) because mid-2013. Yamimash is six years older than Jessica. This is a stage a small proportion of his lovers and basic Youtube people believe is improper. On the other hand, the intense majority of his supporters don’t see anything wrong with this since they’re equally legally adults.

Controversies and scandal Surrounding Yamimash

As in the end of 2015, Yamimash’s station had struck 1.300,000 subscribers and gained over 250 million viewpoints. But, 2016 began on a sour note that finally sent his career into a downward spiral. On January 2, 2016, yet another Youtuber called Keemstar posted a movie on his station that alleged that Yami had sent photos of his genitals into a 14-year old woman. Keemstar, in his movie, stated he got statements against the woman and her mum on a Skype phone and they confirmed everything she stated with the authorities, child protection services, etc.. On the other hand, nearly all them refused to deny Yami’s ethics and defended him stating that the entire scenario was an installation. Three days after, on January 5, 2016, Yamimash uploaded a movie titled “My Negative Described “. From the movie, he had been together with his girlfriend Jessica. He confessed to having discussions with the woman and even flirting a bit. But he said clearly that nothing of any sensual character transpired between them and he didn’t send some nude pictures. His girlfriend Jess also backed up him. Additionally, evidence of these images was not brought forward by the woman or her mom. He accused the woman of being an attention-seeker that was searching for a means to bring him down. But he’d own up to his role in the debacle and apologized to this.

Yamimash Today: What happened to him?

Yamimash partially weathered the storm caused him from the scandal and strove to keep his career alive. Keep to his program and also he chose to upload movies. Regrettably, the following months saw his contributor growth grind to a stop and his viewership slow down tremendously. He started to get depressed and idle, and shortly he wasn’t fulfilling his movie upload program. At a specific stage in 2016, he ceased posting videos completely. He assured his supporters that he’d finally turned a corner and could be coming back into Youtube full-time. Regrettably for Yami, his connection didn’t survive the events of yesteryear. He published a second video a month afterwards where he disclosed to his supporters he and Jessica had broken up and that he had been moving back to his mum ‘s home. On March 5, 2017he set up a movie talking about how he wished to interact more and do things with his life besides Youtube. Yamimash has since return into Youtube running on all cylinders, as he uploads a mean of six movies each month. His lovers were fearful he was stopping Youtube but it was to be a humorous joke for April idiot ‘s day.

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