Why dd Laina Morris Quit YouTube?

Laina Morris quit her YouTube career in July 2019 due to depression and anxiety. Source: Instagram
Laina Morris quit her YouTube career in July 2019 due to depression and anxiety. Source: Instagram
Born Name Laina Morris
Birth Place Denton, Texas
Eye Color Brown
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Youtuber
Net Worth $300 thousand
Age 28 years old
Sibling Aaron Morris and Sarah Morris

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If you are a YouTube fanatic, then you might be familiar with the overly attached girlfriend. Don’t worry; we are not talking about your lover; instead, we’re talking about the famous internet personality, Laina Morris

Not everyone who’s successful on camera can go on to live a happy life. Unfortunately, after suffering from depression and anxiety, the heart of the YouTuber chose to quit that part of her life in July 2019. So, today we take you closer to the actual details behind the personal experience of Laina Morris and her net worth sources.

Laina Morris aka Overly Attached Girlfriend Famous From YouTube

The world would be totally unknown of Laina Morris if it weren’t for her YouTube journey. Her journey in the digital platform began when young popstar Justin Bieber conducted a contest for anyone to create a song called ‘Girlfriend‘ when he released his famous hit, Boyfriend. Consequently, she submitted a three-minute parody video of ‘Girlfriend,’ portraying herself as an insecure and committed lover.

The video played a pivotal factor in the life of the teenager since it went viral on the internet, instantly amassing millions of followers. In addition to that, her portrayal became a meme material as an overly attached girlfriend. 

Following the immense success from the parody video, she went further ahead in the same road creating more such contents. Surprisingly, she featured in a Delta Airlines video and interviewed many celebrities on the 2012 American Music Awards Red Carpet

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The overly-attached girlfriend was on The Nerdist Podcast with the reputed Chris Hardwick. Likewise, she also appeared in an episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.’

Why Did She Quit YouTube? 

Why would Laina Morris quit YouTube when it gave her great fame and fortunes? This question revolved around many of her fans’ minds when she decided to call it quits from the digital media. Well, sadly, the primary reason was her horrific experiences. Morris went through acute depression, anxiety, and psychiatry. 

I would be posting a happy, upbeat video, and then I would have, like, a breakdown

Morris revealed the hardships she went through in her YouTube journey.

YouTube: Laina Morris released a video explaining her decision to quit YouTube.

The Internet personality explained all her justified reasoning behind the difficult decision in her a 28-minute long video. Actually, a year after her journey began, in 2013, she started feeling stressed and lost upon her life.

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Gradually, the level of anxiety peaked, and she couldn’t take it anymore. Thus, the overly-attached girlfriend broke up with the internet world but is open to anyone that needs help. 

How Much is Laina Morris’Net Worth?

The overly-attached girlfriend garnered massive wealth from her YouTube oriented journey. Laina Morris accumulates a whopping six-figure net worth of $300,000 as of 2020. Before she quit the digital medium, she used to make around $13,000 every year.

Besides YouTube, she acted in different TV and internet series to put the food on her table. Similarly, the diva revisited the Overly attached girlfriend character in a Samsung commercial advertisement. 

Quick Facts: Laina Morris

  • The YouTuber also did a parody video of Carly Rae Jepsen‘s Call me Maybe and Drake‘s The Motto.
  • She is a football lover and an avid fan of MLS side FC Dallas.
  • The personality was in a relationship with a secret boyfriend, confirmed in one of her videos on January 22, 2015.
  • She won a staring contest with Jessica Alba at the Singapore Social Awards in May 2013.
  • The YouTuber featured in Wil Wheaton‘s series, TableTop and also appeared in Exit Vine
  • She is a fond dog-lover and posts a lot of pictures with her pet dog named Gilly.

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