Wife, Kids, Wedding, Net Worth, Family

Wife, Kids, Wedding, Net Worth, Family

Where is Misha Collins?

Misha Collins is a gifted and well-respected actor. His most famous role is because Castiel about the CW series Supernatural. Many celebrities have made guest appearances on Supernatural but Misha Collins’ appearance on the series was well received his function at the fourth period was extended and he’s been on the series since. His personality, Castiel, is the ‘Angel’ — that attracts one of the chief characters (Dean Winchester) back from Hell. In addition, he enables the key characters in their struggle against distinct angels, demons and other supernatural components. As time passes, he’s developed a close friendship with Dean and his brother, Sam. As anticipated, he owns lots of supernatural skills as a consequence of his angel standing. Misha Collins’ personality was utilized to introduced Christian theology into the series. His personality was really well received on the series and the critics and lovers had nothing but higher praise . It’s remarkably quite rare for new personalities to get such a warm reception in an already recognized series.

Misha Collins Early Life: Age & Bio

Dmitri”Misha” Tippens Krushnic was created on the 20th of August, 1974. His stage name is Misha Collins; ‘Collins’ is derived from the maiden name of fantastic grandma ‘s name. He had been born in Boston, Massachusetts into Rebecca Tippens and Richard Krushnic. He’s unsure of his household ‘s roots but understands they have been in Canada for at least centuries. He later analyzed Social Theory in the University of Chicago. Before turning to acting, he had been an intern in the White House as a team of the Office of Presidential Personnel throughout the Clinton administration.


Misha is quite much involved in charity work and philanthropy. He’s the co-founder of the board president as well as Random Acts of Kindness. Random Acts of Kindness is a nonprofit organization that’s dedicated to inspirational and financing arbitrary acts of kindness world over. He’s also accountable for GISHWHES –Greatest International Scavenger Hunt that the World Has Ever Seen, he founded. The entrance fees for GISHWHES enter the Random Acts of Kindness. GISHWHES now holds the world record for the biggest media scavenger hunt in history and subsequently, broke the global record for most pledges to carry out an act of kindness.

Family: Wife Brother

About the 6th of October, Misha Collins got married, in Maine, to Victoria Vantoch — a Novelty historian. Together, the couple has a daughter — Maison Marie — that had been born on the 25th of September 2012 and also a boy — West Anaximander — that had been born on the 23rd of September 2010. It’s difficult to raise a joyful, personal and long-term union in Hollywood but the humble, Misha, has managed to accomplish that using Victoria, offering a secure and loving environment for their kids to develop. Apart from his wife and kids, Misha has an extremely intimate relationship with his brother, Sasha; plus they are sometimes regarded as best of buddies. They are generally seen making fun of one another and with a laugh how brothers do. Although maybe not twins, they look equally so much they can pass as twins.

Height & Weight

To be a celebrity in Hollywood and play a role as physically demanding as Castiel on Supernatural, one must be in excellent form and needless to say, Misha Collins is in fantastic form. The celebrity now weighs 77kgs to get his5 feet 11 in height. In addition, he puts in a great deal of effort to keep his chiselled physique. While he retains his diet and exercise routine somewhat close to the vest, so you can be rest assured that it demands a great deal of dedication. His other body dimensions areChest– 39 in,Arms/Biceps– 15 at andWaist– 32 in.

Net Worth

Mischa Collins now has a total net worth of $2 Million. This can be as a consequence of becoming among the chief actors on a really successful series, Supernatural. Besides Supernatural, Misha has emerged in a lot of different shows such as NYPD Blue, gray and Ringer.

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