Wyatt Morgan Cooper Family Heritage Father Mother Age Bio

Wyatt Morgan Cooper Family Heritage Father Mother Age Bio
Wyatt Morgan Cooper is the first son of Anderson Cooper.
Born Name Wyatt Morgan Cooper
Birth Place New York, United States
Eye Color Blue
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Parents Anderson Cooper

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Whilst the world was battling and stressing the pandemic COVID-19, there was a ray of big light and happiness in the life of CNN Correspondent, Anderson Cooper. Why? Well, he was more than happy to welcome his first child and son. So, allow us to introduce him.

Anderson Cooper became a father for the first time in late April 2020 to Wyatt Morgan Cooper. And, born to such a big news reporter from CNN, Wyatt became the attraction of the limelight at just a young age.

Wyatt Morgan Cooper Was Born In August 2020

Wyatt Morgan Cooper was born on 27th August 2020. The son of Anderson Cooper obviously rose to fame just after his birth announcement by his father through his show on CNN and on social media. Anderson Cooper, however, kept the birth of his son a secret for several days.

Anderson Cooper feeds milk to his son, Wyatt Morgan Cooper.
Source: Anderson Cooper Instagram

Speaking of which, Wyatt’s father’s friend, Andy Cohen, was one of the few people to know about it and had to keep it secret from everyone. Also, Wyatt was a healthy child weighing 7.2 Ibs at the time of his birth.

As a matter of fact, Wyatt already resembles so much about his father as he is gifted with the oceanic blue eyes of Anderson. And, to say, he doesn’t resemble much about his biological mother wouldn’t be fair either.

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However, Wyatt was born through a surrogate mother who keeps her identity a secret from the public eyes. But, that doesn’t mean that Anderson isn’t grateful towards the surrogate mother of his son.

Family Background Of Wyatt Morgan Cooper

As a son of Anderson Cooper, Wyatt Morgan Cooper will undoubtedly carry the legacy of his father and family. After all, he is the grandson of the late great model and fashion designer, Gloria Vanderbilt and writer Wyatt Emory Cooper.

Adorable Wyatt Morgan Cooper is named after his grandfather.
Source: Anderson Cooper Instagram

As a matter of fact, Anderson named Wyatt to honor both his paternal and maternal side of the family. Whilst Wyatt got his first name after his paternal grandfather, he got his middle name after his paternal grandmother.

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Not to let it go, his father is more than happy and excited that his son will continue the Cooper family and keep their tradition alive in the future. Of course, he will.

Quick Facts Of Wyatt Morgan Cooper

  • Wyatt and his father share a huge age gap of 53 years.
  • Nephew of Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski, late Carter Vanderbilt Cooper, and Christopher Stokowski.
  • Wyatt’s late uncle Carter died from suicide at the age of 23.
  • Cooper’s father receives a CNN satellite van as a gift to celebrate his birth.
  • Wyatt’s father is openly gay.

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