Aaron Rodgers Facts; 15 Unbelievable Facts about Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers Facts; 15 Unbelievable Facts about Aaron Rodgers
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Aaron Rodgers is one of the star players for the Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rodgers Facts. He is currently acting as their team quarterback and is making fame for himself since 2005. Aaron Rodgers was a star player from his high school years and broke many of the school football records. He was not given a scholarship at first and was in the Community college but later was scouted by the Coach Jeff and finally made his way into professional football in the 2005 draft.

Since his time of joining he has taken a lot of attention from NFL teams and fans of football across the world. His fan base is increasing day by day and they are eager to learn more and more about their star footballer. We have gathered a list of some of the most interesting facts about Rodgers personal and football life for the fans to feast their eyes upon. These facts are as follows.

Aaron Rodgers Facts:

Aaron Rodgers as a Lawyer:-

Rodgers today is considered among one of the top players in NFL but there was once a time when he was leaning towards the Law profession. In his Peasant valley High school Aaron broke many school football records but beside these accomplishments, he was not offered scholarship from the Division 1 Football program. This left him heartbroken and was seriously considering leaving football and starting studying law. Later he decided to take this rejection as the motivation and through his hard work made it into big leagues.

Aaron Rodgers Facts; 15 Unbelievable Facts about Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers as an Oakland Raiders Quarterback:-

In 2007 NFL draft there was a rumor about giving Rodgers to Oakland Raiders and keeping the Randy Moss in Green Bay Packers. However, with a turn of events, Randy Moss was traded as the player for New England Patriots and Aaron Rodgers was left for Green Bay Packers.

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Aaron Rodgers Really Smart Quarterback:-

It is a stereotype that quarterbacks are very smart as they have to make the decision for the whole team’s play. Aaron Rodgers proved this stereotyping as a fact when he entered the TV show Celebrity Jeopardy against an Astronaut named Mark Kelly and an Entrepreneur from Shark tank Kevin O’Leary. He dominated the show from start and won it by bringing a twist of humor to its relatively dull view.

Aaron Rodgers The F-Bomb:-

Rodgers while on national television on a popular show Celebrity Jeopardy uttered the F-Bomb when he was confused in between answers to a question. Aaron Rodgers Facts. This F-Bomb hit the social media sites and other internet forums with force. The video went viral too.

Aaron Rodgers Facts; 15 Unbelievable Facts about Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers Sincere To Improve His Game Play:-

The Green Bay Packers training coach is Angelo Poli. Angelo Poli creates toughest drills for the improvement of players but according to him, Aaron is a fanatic when it comes to practices. For Aaron, all the regular drills are too soft and he keeps pushing on. Aaron asked Police to tape potato chips on the back of his heels. The plan was for Aaron to stay on his toes during practice without breaking the chips. This meant to increase his footwork, a necessary trait for any quarterback.

Aaron Rodgers made NFL History for Himself:-

Aaron Rodgers has already made history in NFL by his performance as a quarterback. Performance for a quarterback is measured by the fact that how many touchdowns he made in his interception passes. Aaron currently has 257 touchdowns with his 65 interception passes. Aaron Rodgers Facts.  This brings out a ratio of 3.95 which is even greater than many legendary footballers like Tom Brady, Joe Montana and Brett Favre.

Aaron Rodgers Lost A Bet To a Fan:-

The slugger from Milwaukee Brewers Ryan Braun was under charges of doing steroids in his matches and was under trial for a suspension. An NFL fan made a bet with Aaron Rodgers after contacting him on twitter against Braun. Aaron said that Braun was innocent and fan claimed him to be guilt. Aaron Rodgers Facts. The bet was 4.5 million dollars. Braun proved guilty and suspended for 65 games winning fan the bet. According to a fan named Sutton, Aaron still has not paid him the money.

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Aaron Rodgers Facts; 15 Unbelievable Facts about Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers Hates NFL Drafting Procedure:-

Aaron Rodgers in an interview about his dislikes claimed that he hates NFL’s drafting parameters. It was due to this election that he passed up by almost 23 teams in the 2005 NFL draft. Aaron Rodgers Facts.  The draft is designing to measure only physical attributes instead of also focusing on the traits of Morality, leadership, and character. According to him, that is the very reason Tom Brady was the 199th pick in his 200 NFL draft.

Aaron Rodgers Rivals With His Favorite Team’s Quarterback:-

Rodgers is the fan of the San Francisco 49ers football team. Aaron Rodgers Facts.  However, instead of picking him in the 2005 NFL draft, Alex Smith was chosen as their team’s quarterback. Aaron takes this as a motivation and also reminds the coach of San Francisco 49ers that they chose the wrong player for them. The rivalry between Aaron and Alex is not a hidden matter.

Aaron Rodgers Prophecy Kid:-

Aaron Rodgers not awarded a scholarship from any college and attending Butte Community college in 2002. He was playing as their football team’s quarterback. Aaron Rodgers Facts. The legendary coach Jeff Tedford also known as the Quarterback Guru was visiting towns for scouting talent and recruitments. He only sees Aaron made one throw and announced a bold statement and a prophecy that “Aaron is the best quarterback he ever sees” and “He will play in NFL someday”. After this Jeff offered him a full scholarship and from there on Aaron made his way to his current status by his handwork.

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Aaron Rodgers Facts; 15 Unbelievable Facts about Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers Considering Acting As Profession:-

Aaron Rodgers claimed in an interview that he is seriously considering acting as a career after he retires from football. He is inspiring for this decision by his ex-girlfriend Olivia Munn a renowned Hollywood model. Aaron Rodgers Facts. At the moment Aaron acting is limiting to commercials like State Farm’s “Discount Double Check”. However, the future holds many possibilities and opportunities for this classically handsome footballer.

Aaron Rodgers Competitive Nature:-

He is considering as one of the most competitive players in NFL today even by his teammates. According to Aaron himself that he is so competitive that he remembers all of his touchdowns and interceptions since his eighth-grade football matches.Aaron Rodgers Facts. John Kull is one of the players of the team and friends of Aaron Rodgers but due to their poker matches, they would go on without speaking after an argument during their poker matches.

Aaron Rodgers As A Musician:-

Aaron Rodgers is also a music lover. He likes country music and also plays guitar in his spare time. Many of his fans are not aware that Aaron made a record label with name Suspended Sunrise Recordings back in 2011.

Aaron Rodgers Hobbies:-

According to his teammates during the locker time, Aaron watches Celebrity Jeopardy most of the time while answering almost 90 percent answers correctly. Aaron Rodgers Facts. During the commercials of the show, he also practices on his guitar.

Aaron Rodgers Dog Lover:-

Rodgers is a dog lover. Aaron Rodgers Facts.  He and also his ex-girlfriend saved a puppy from a dog mill and adopted it as their own. The dog is a Cavalier King Charles spaniel breed.

Aaron Rodgers Facts; 15 Unbelievable Facts about Aaron Rodgers

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