Marcus Mariota Family Tree, Mother, Father Siblings, Children

Marcus Mariota Family Tree, Mother, Father Siblings, Children
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A family is the most important part of a person’s life as they are the ones that will determine your success in life with their support and motivation. Marcus Mariota Family. Many of the celebrities in the world claim that their success is all because of their family’s support in their endeavors.

Fans of the celebrities are eager to know about nearly every aspect of their idols life. This not only includes their achievements in relevant fields but also their net worth, their lifestyles, their personal life, and their family history as well. The American Football has seen a lot of interest since its inception but with modern advancement in media and communications, this has only increased the interest of people and especially among younger generations.

Marcus Mariota Family Tree:-

Marcus Mariota is a professional American Football player for the NFL team Tennessee Titans. He is playing as their quarterback since his pick up back in 2015 NFL draft. His rookie season and other two seasons after that have increased his fan base. This fan base is not only following his achievements on the field but is also scavenging depths of the internet for information about his every life aspect and that also includes Marcus Mariota Family tree details.

Marcus Mariota Family Roots:-

Mariota’s family root from his father side is that of Polynesian people that are native to Hawaii, whereas, from his mother’s side, Marcus has the blood of Germans in him. Marcus and his brother got the best traits of both these family lineages that can be seen in their well built athletic bodies.

Marcus Mariota Father Name:-

The name of Marcus Mariota’s father is Tao Mariota. His father’s profession is not known. However, his influence on Marcus’s life is great. Tao Mariota grew up in American Samoa. A good player of rugby, volleyball, and soccer but was forbidden by his parents to not play football. Tao passed the same rule on to his son but seeing Marcus’s interest in football, Tao trained him early in his childhood at age of 9 years. According to Marcus, his parents were the greatest supporters in the pursuit of his dream. He learned much later that his parents sold their house to pay for his football camps dues. He has deep respect and love for his father.

Marcus Mariota Father
Mariota with Father

Marcus Mariota Mother Name:-

The name of Marcus’s mother is Alana Mariota. She is of German descent that born in Alaska but later moved to Hawaii with his family. She quite an athletic swimmer in her high school days and even offered scholarship from Pepperdine but refused to stay in Chaminade. This is where she met Tao; both got married and settled for good. Marcus’s mother was the one that pushed not only Marcus for the career in football but also urged her husband to let the boy pursue his dream. She was the one that suggested selling the house for Marcus’s football camps. Alana has a kind heart and Marcus has inherited that silent and loving nature from her mother. During his off-season time, Marcus lies to spend time with his family in Hawaii.

Marcus Mariota Siblings:-

Marcus Mariota while growing up had only one brother who was younger than him. The name of this brother is Matt Mariota. Matt is already the player of Oregon Ducks Football team as their Defense player. He might not have the same talent as his older brother but is still a pretty able player.

Marcus Mariota Relationships:-

As all of Marcus’s fans know that Marcus maintains a quite lifestyle so it was not that much shocking to know that he has kept his private life a secret for a long time. Marcus only had two relationships with his high school days and the details are as follows.

  • Nicole Watase, she Marcus’s longtime high school girlfriend and they attended the University of Oregon together. However, she has not since her graduation with Mariota with the possibility of them breaking up.
  • Kiyomi Cook, she is the new girlfriend of Marcus Mariota confirming his break up with Nicole Watase. Kiyomi herself is on road to be graduating from the University of Oregon. She is applying to the Centre Mid for Oregon’s women soccer team.

Marcus Mariota Family Tree, Mother, Father Siblings, Children

Marcus Mariota Children:-

Marcus Mariota does not have any children.

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