Caressa Suzzette Madden’ Married Life with Delonte West!

Caressa Suzzette Madden is the beautiful wife of the former NBA athlete, Delonte West
Caressa Suzzette Madden is the beautiful wife of the former NBA athlete, Delonte West
Born Name Caressa Suzzette Madden
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Husband Delonte West
Net Worth $1 million
Age 31 years old

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Some people get popular through their work whereas some come in the headlines due to their relationship with the celebrities. Caressa Suzzette Madden is one of them, she is the second wife of the former NBA star, Delonte West.

Caressa is currently on the hot list due to her husband’s devastating incident. On this page, we will provide you detail about Caressa Madden’s current situation and her net worth.

Caressa Suzzette Madden and Delonte West

Caressa Madden was born on May 13, 1988. She is currently residing in Dallas Texas. She is the second wife of the NBA player, Delonte West.

Delonte West

Before talking about Caressa, we should know about her husband who was a popular athlete in the past. So let us begin with her husband Delonte West’s information.

The former NBA star had a great time in the basketball court. His game used to be one of a kind and people loved to watch his gameplay but everything started to fall when a rumor about his sleeping with one of his teammates, LeBron James, to be exact, started to circulate in the media.

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LeBron James who is a well-known personality in the field of basketball used to be a great teammates but their relationship came to an end after those rumors.

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West suffered from a bipolar disease which made things even worse. Further, his first marriage with Kimberly Ashley Awad also became a tragic failure for him.

Delonte West response after crazy Incident On The Highway.

Recently, Delonte was found being harassed by someone. The video became viral in social media. In the video, West was being punched and kicked.

Love story of Delonte and Caressa

As stated by the Washington Post, the love birds met at a mutual friend’s house. Then, they started to see each other and soon, they became inseparable.

They moved in together but God had something else planned for them.

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Delonte’s career was already at a destructive path but later on, it became worse than ever.

West and Madden were fighting together with poverty but things began to light up for them when West joined the Texas Legends of the NBA Development League.

Child of Delonte and Madden

Most of Delonte’s followers know, our former player West and Caressa together have two cute kids, both sons.

Their first son is named Cash who can be seen in many photos in the media together with his parents. The name of the young son is still unknown to the mass but Caressa gave birth to him in 2014.

Net Worth of Caressa Madden

Caressa Madden is not a big celebrity so, there is not much information about her and she recently made in the headline due to her husband, Delonte’ tragic life.

Still, if we try to calculate her current wealth, focusing West’s income, then she held a net worth of over $16 million. But Caressa’ husband’s portfolio drastically fell due to his career, so we cannot exactly say how much net worth they hold right now.

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They used to live together in their $1 million house, as a result, we can assume, Caressa Madden should have a net worth above a million dollars.

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