Courtney Gains (Back to the Future) Net Worth, Wife, Children

Courtney Gains (Back to the Future) Net Worth, Wife, Children

Who is Courtney Gains (Back to the Future)?

Courtney Gains was born in Los Angeles, California USA, on 22 August 1965 – his zodiac sign is Leo and he holds American nationality. He is an actor, perhaps still best known for his portrayal of Dixon in the evergreen science fiction adventure comedy movie “Back to the Future” in 1985, written and directed by Robert Zemeckis, and which starred Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson. The story follows a 17-year old boy Marty McFly who gets sent into the past a

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Courtney Gains, nacido el 22 de agosto de 1965, es un actor estadounidense mejor conocido por su interpretación de Malachai en la película de terror de 1984 Children of the Corn. Gains logró el éxito durante la década de 1980 con una variedad de papeles en películas como Children of the Corn , Hardbodies , Lust in the Dust , Back to the Future , Can’t Buy Me Love , Secret Admirer , Colors , The ‘Burbs y Memphis Belle. . Las películas posteriores incluyen Sweet Home Alabama , Dorm Daze (que también fue productor ejecutivo), Desolation Canyon y un cameo en la nueva versión de Halloween de Rob Zombie. #courtneygains #actor #cine #movies #undíacomohoy #nació22agosto1965 #happybirthday🎉🎈🎁🎂

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fter using his friend’s Doc Brown’s time machine DeLorean – the film won 20 awards including an Oscar, and was nominated for 25 other awards.

Courtney has won 13 awards for his performances in movies, and has been nominated for one other.

Courtney Gains

Early life and education

Courtney was raised in Los Angeles an only child by his father who was a construction worker, and his mother who was a housewife – he spent part of his childhood watching movies and TV series with his mother.

Courtney became interested in acting while attending elementary school, as he was a member of the school’s drama club, and was steadily getting better and better roles in school plays. He continued acting upon enrolling at a high school, at which he was also physically active as he played football, and after he matriculated in 1983, Courtney focused on his acting career and didn’t enroll at college.

Roles in movies

Courtney has been credited with roughly 130 movie and TV series appearances, and we are about to cover some of his most notable performances in this article.

He made his debut film appearance in 1984, when he portrayed Malachai in the critically acclaimed supernatural folk horror movie “Children of the Corn”, closely based on the eponymous short story written by Stephen King. The same year saw Courtney star alongside Grant Cramer and Gary Wood in the sex comedy movie “Hardbodies”, which follows three older men who are trying to pick up ladies at the beach with the help of a younger man.

In 1985, Courtney appeared in two award-winning movies: the western comedy “Lust in the Dust” and the teen romantic comedy “Secret Admirer”.

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He made a cameo appearance in the drama movie “Ratboy” in 1986, and was then cast to play the supporting character Goose Trammel in the drama “Winners Take All”, as well as Kenneth Wurman in the teen romantic comedy “Can’t Buy Me Love”. The year 1988 saw him portray Whitey in the police procedural action crime movie “Colors”, while some of his following roles were in the 1989 black comedy “The ‘Burbs” which starred Tom Hanks, the British-American war movie “Memphis Belle” in 1990, and the action movie “Behind Enemy Lines” in 1997.

In 1998, Courtney played the supporting character Ernie in the independent mystery-thriller movie “Shadow of Doubt” and the same year saw him star alongside Charlie Sheen in the action crime thriller “No Code of Conduct”.

He played Sheriff Wade in the critically acclaimed romantic comedy “Sweet Home Alabama” in 2002 and the following year he was cast as Lorenzo the Black Hand in the romantic crime mystery comedy “National Lampoon Presents Dorm Daze”. 2006 saw him appear in the psychological thriller “The Phobic”, and four years later Courtney made a cameo appearance in the horror movie “The Quiet Ones”. Some of his notable performances in the following years were in the horror “Mimesis: Night of the Living Dead” in 2011, the 2013 comedy “The House Across the Street”, and the war drama “Field of Lost Shoes” 2014.

Three of Courtney’s most recent roles in movies have been in the ghost film “Camp Cold Brook” and the comedy horror “Hell’s Kitty” both in 2018, and another horror, “Candy Corn” in 2019.

Roles in TV series

Courtney made his debut TV series appearance in 1984, when he guest starred as Joe Newbolt in the episode “Welcome Home, Jellybean” of the “CBS Schoolbreak Special”, and from there he appeared in single episodes of many series, such as “Misfits of Science” in 1985, “21 Jump Street” in 1987, and “Superboy” in 1988.

His first notable performance in a series was in 1993, when he guest starred as Coley Hiffern in two episodes of the mystery drama “In the Heat of the Night”, starring Carroll O’Connor and Alan Autry, and which follows the police force working in Sparta, Mississippi. Courtney continued to appear in single episodes of many series, such as the episode “Runaway Daughters” of the drama “Rebel Highway” in 1994, the episode “Survivors” of the action crime series “JAG” in 1996, and the episode “Payback” of the action crime series “Nash Bridges” in 1997.

He went on to guest star in over 20 other TV series, before portraying Parro in three episodes of the fantasy series “We Are Angels” which is set in a world where angels and demons live amongst humans.

Three of Courtney’s most recent roles in TV series have been in the episode “The Gang Hits the Slops” of the sitcom “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, a single episode of the comedy series “Wild Cardz” and the episode “Keeper” of the crime mystery series “Criminal Minds” both in 2016.

Current works

Courtney is currently shooting for a number of movies. He has been cast to appear in the horror movie “Death Camp” and the comedy “The Next Cassavetes” set to be released by the end of 2020, and the short movie “Room 13” the release date of which is yet to be announced.

Courtney is also shooting for the comedy film “Never Too Late”, the adventure comedy “My Red Neck Neighbor” and the thriller “Haunted: 333”, while it has recently been announced that he will appear in both the comedy “Turning Tables” and the biographical comedy “Hollywoodland of Hope & Lies”, which will soon start filming.

Wife and children

Courtney has been keeping details of his love life hidden from the media’s attention, but there are rumors circulating the internet that he is a married man and is leading a happy life with his wife and children in Los Angeles, California, however, no proof has been provided to show that Courtney is a married man and that he has children.

There are many people who believe that Courtney is gay, and that this is why he hasn’t talked about any women he might have dated – two of his fans have even claimed on that they have seen Courtney being rather too close to a male friend at a club in Los Angeles, but the posts have since been removed.

As he hasn’t commented on his love life nor his sexuality, Courtney is officiallly single as of September 2020, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Hobbies and other interests

Courtney has always been a simple man who enjoys spending time with his fans, signing autographs and answering their questions.

He is an avid traveler who has been all around the world for both work and pleasure, and he mostly enjoys spending time at attractive natural destinations rather than in overcrowded touristic cities.

He is a lover of animals who has had many pet dogs, and has volunteered at and donated money to several animal shelters.

Courtney is a fan of rock music and has been to numerous festivals, while two of his favorite rock bands are AC/DC and Aerosmith.

He enjoys watching movies late at night, and some of his favorite actors and actresses are Bill Murray, Tom Hanks and Andie MacDowell, and some of his favorite movies are “The Groundhog Day”, “The Terminal” and “Cast Away”.

Net worth

Courtney’s age is 55. He has short ginger hair and blue eyes, his height is 5ft 11ins (1.8m) and he weighs around 159lbs (72kgs).

As of September 2020, his net worth has been estimated at over $3 million.

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