Cristiano Ronaldo Facts; Unbelievable Facts about Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo Facts; Unbelievable Facts about Cristiano Ronaldo
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The name Cristiano Ronaldo is known throughout the world. He is the idol of many youngsters as a footballer. Cristiano Ronaldo Facts. The critically internationally acclaimed footballer has won many titles and is continuing his streak of achievement without any hurdle. With the passage of time and his achievements, his popularity and fans are increasing day by day. They want to know about any and everything about their favorite footballer. For our readers ease we have gathered a list of many of the amazing facts about Cristiano Ronaldo compiled in this one single article for you to get acquainted with. Following facts will surely increase not only your knowledge about your favorite footballer but also make you love him all the much more. Without any further wait here are the following amazing facts about Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo Facts:

Cristiano Ronaldo Original Name and Fact:-

His original name is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro. He was named Cristiano Ronaldo by his father who was the fan of American actor slash president Ronald Regan.

Cristiano Ronaldo Childhood Nicknames:-

Although being very popular as a kid he still had many not so manly nicknames that include the following two for their respective reasons.

  • Crybaby; as he used to cry over little things. Especially he used to cry when he scored and his friends didn’t.
  • Little bee; he was so fast that no one could catch him.

Cristiano Ronaldo Childhood Struggles:-

Despite his lavish and luxurious lifestyle today, Ronaldo once was very poor and even shared a room with his three siblings all of which were older than him.

Cristiano Ronaldo First Time as a Footballer:-

His first shot at playing football was at age of eight when he started playing for a local football club. His father worked there as a kit man.

Cristiano Ronaldo Facts; Unbelievable Facts

Cristiano Ronaldo No High School Diploma:-

He was only popular among kids in school but not liked by teachers. This can be seen by his expulsion from school at age of 14 when he threw a chair at a teacher. Cristiano Ronaldo Facts.  His comments on the incident were that his teacher was rude to him. After that, he only focused on footballs and thankfully that played off well.

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Cristiano Ronaldo First Professional Football Club:-

He signed first with a local club named Nacional. After the three day trial period he hired for an undisclosed sum by the club. After his first trial match, everyone at field gathered around him as they knew he was no ordinary kid.

Cristiano Ronaldo Gym Buff:-

After spending time on the field he would spend time in the gym. Cristiano Ronaldo Facts.  He would train with weights on legs or with a heavy ball. He said if he not with weights then he could run even faster.

Cristiano Ronaldo Near Ending Career:-

At age of 15 his football career could have to destroy when he diagnosed with a Racing Heart Disease. Luckily it diagnosed early and he underwent a laser surgery operation and was able to get back in the field after a few days of rest.

Cristiano Ronaldo Contract With Manchester United:-

He is one of the record players to have taken a contract of $12 million in 2003 when they signed him.

Cristiano Ronaldo First Debut as a Number 7:-

He is appreciating Sir Alex Ferguson for being one of the most confident footballers he ever was seen. He gave him the number 7 jersey gladly. Cristiano Ronaldo Facts.  He took the debuted as a substitute against Bolton and played as his life depended upon it.

Cristiano Ronaldo FA Cup:-

He scored the first three goals in FA Cup Final in 2004 and secured his teams winning a position in the championship.

Cristiano Ronaldo Tragedy with Mother:-

In 2007 his mother diagnosed with Breast Cancer whom he loved dearly.

Cristiano Ronaldo Highest Paid Footballer:-

In 2008 his contract was in the amount of $32 million and he also securing a franchise record by making 42 goals that year.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Being a Father For First Time:-

In 2010 he announced on social media of him becoming a father of a boy named Cristiano Jr. The name of the mother not disclosing as Ronaldo only dated her for a short period of time. Cristiano Ronaldo Facts. The only known facts about her are that she is American and was a waitress.

Cristiano Ronaldo Wax Work at Madame Tussauds:-

After his win in the World Cup in 2010 he portraying in the Madam Tussauds house of Waxwork in London as one of the models. Cristiano Ronaldo Facts.  Only three other footballers in history had their waxwork in Madam Tussauds naming them to be David Beckham, Pele, and Steven Gerard.

Cristiano Ronaldo Facts; Unbelievable Facts

Cristiano Ronaldo Dates Supermodels:-

He is known for dating only supermodels nowadays. His current girlfriend is a Madrid supermodel named Georgina Rodriguez.

Cristiano Ronaldo Religious:-

As far as the religion is concerned he is one of the most devout Roman Catholic and attends church on Sundays.

Cristiano Ronaldo Autobiography:-

Ronaldo also published his autobiography with a title name of Moments in December of 2007.

Cristiano Ronaldo Tribute Museum:-

In his hometown, a museum calling Museu CR7 is built that contains all his trophies, rare photographs, and many other known rare belongings.

Cristiano Ronaldo Available on App Store:-

In 2011 he contacted Rock Live and launched an app by name of Heads Up with Cristiano. The game is available in iPhone app store.

Cristiano Ronaldo Philanthropy:-

He won the Golden Boot in 2011 but sold it to fund the schools being built in Gaza for an amount of 1.5 million Euros. Cristiano Ronaldo Facts. He also volunteered for kids programs in awareness against drug addiction, Malaria, and obesity.

Cristiano Ronaldo Arrogant Celebrity:-

Due to his arrogant nature, he is disliking by many but still, his popularity poll in footballers is high.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Facts; Unbelievable Facts

Cristiano Ronaldo Fastest Sprinter:-

Being one of the fastest in the world he defeating the Spanish Sprinter, Angel David Rodriguez with a margin of half a minute.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jumping Prowess:-

His jump starts with a takeoff G-force of about 5Gs. Cristiano Ronaldo Facts.  This is five times the amount of a cheetah taking up the flight. He can jump 44 cm in air from a standstill while 78 cm from a run-up.

Cristiano Ronaldo Ideal Body:-

His 10 percent body fat makes him an ideal sprinter and for other athletic qualities.

Cristiano Ronaldo Free Kick:-

The free kick of Ronaldo is measuring to be about 13.1 km/h. It is nearly the speed of a space shuttle when it is launching.

Cristiano Ronaldo Appreciation By a Legend:-

Arnold Schwarzenegger complimented for Ronaldo being one of the fittest athletes around the globe.

Cristiano Ronaldo Complete Abstinence from Any Type of Abuse:-

He does not drink alcohol as a trauma of his father death due to Alcohol abuse. Cristiano Ronaldo Facts. He also does not smoke and has no tattoos on his body. The reason for this is that he donates blood each year.

Cristiano Ronaldo Charged with Rape:-

He was once accused and arrested on a suspicion of raping a woman but allegations were dropping based on no evidence found.

Cristiano Ronaldo Highest Paid Player:-

He is listing as one of the highest paid players by Forbes list.

Cristiano Ronaldo Facts; Unbelievable Facts

Cristiano Ronaldo Brands Endorsements:-

Few of his endorsement brands include the following.

  • Emporio Armani
  • Nike
  • Coca Cola
  • Castrol
  • Konami
  • Motorola
  • Jacob & Co.
  • KFC
  • Tag Heuer
  • The Fly Emirates

Cristiano Ronaldo Net worth:-

His current net worth is around $400 million.

Cristiano Ronaldo Tough to Gain Him:-

If any other football club wants Ronaldo to play for them, they have to make a settlement of about 1 billion dollars.

Cristiano Ronaldo World’s Number 1 Footballer:-

He maintains is the position of world’s finest football player second being Lionel Messi.

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