Landon Collins Car Collection; 2 Cars Owned By Landon Collins

Landon Collins Car Collection; 2 Cars Owned By Landon Collins
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Posted By: joy root | December 9, 2018

Landon Collins Bio

Landon Collins is one of the highest paid NFL players of the current time. He is living a lavish life with a dashing lifestyle. ”Landon Collins Car” especially concerns with his cars houses and other money factors. In America, American Football has been the popular sport since its inception, but recently the sudden increase in media communications has taken this sport to whole another level along with making its players celebrities. Professional football players earn well enough from their profession. Have a look at the cars owned by Landon Collins.

Landon Collins Car Collection:-

Landon Collins is the American Safety Football player for the NFL team New York Giants. He has been playing for them since 2015 when he is picking up as the 33rd pick up of the second round. He is still the rookie player of the team, but in his previous three years, Landon has shown his speeding and offensive abilities on the field that has made him renowned in the football fans and especially among the Giants fans. For these fans, Landon has now to maintain a certain persona of a major football player. There is none another thing better than having a car collection in sight of the public. Landon Collins is currently the owner of two lavish luxury cars. Although this number might seem small but consider his current contract worth this much is enough too. The names and details of the cars are as follows.

Landon Collins BMW

Landon Collins Buick:-

Landon Collins came from a family that knew the worth of every penny especially after being dealt with a horrific tragedy of a weather disaster. That is why in his first year of the contract, Landon maintained a low profile and that included for his assets too. For traveling around the city and to reach on the games, Landon bought himself a Buick Enclave in 2015. The car is a lavish piece of machinery that packs a decent amount of horsepower along with elegant design features. The car bought by Landon for a price of $40,000.

Landon Collins BMW:-

In 2017 after gaining a lot of media and fan attention, Landon decided that it was time to up his game in term of his looks in public. He was now endorsing major brands like Nike. This would not look well if he were traveling around in a Buick. For that very reason, Landon bought a BMW i8 Sports car. The car matches the persona of Landon as a fast and powerful Safety Football player. The car bought by him for a price of $300,000.

Landon Collins Car Collection’s worth
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Landon Collins Other Cars:-

Other than these two luxury cars, Landon also bought some of the newer models of ordinary cars for safe traveling around the city.

Landon Collins Car Collection’s worth:-

Landon Collins car collection worth is estimating to be about $0.5 million.

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