Discovering the Story of Chuck Norris’ Ex-Wife, Dianne Holechek

Discovering the Story of Chuck Norris' Ex-Wife, Dianne Holechek

Dianne Holechek is an American former actress who graced the screen in the mini-TV series Hollywood ’84 back in 1984. She really hit the spotlight when she tied the knot with Chuck Norris, the martial artist and actor.

However, life happens, and they eventually went their separate ways due to some personal stuff. Beyond her screen presence, she’s gained attention for her enduring connection to the martial arts legend. Explore the intriguing life of Chuck Norris’ ex-wife in the shadows of Hollywood fame.

Age, Bio & Wiki

Dianne Holechek was born on November 27, 1941, in Los Angeles, California, USA. |She is a private individual, and details about her family are not available.

Having completed her high school education at Torrance High School, Dianne chose not to pursue a college degree. It was during her time at the same high school that she crossed paths with Chuck Norris, who would later become her boyfriend, in the year 1956.

Is Dianne Holecheck Currently Married?

Dianne Holechek, a divorced woman, has been flying solo for more than three decades now. Despite her single status,she shares her home with her wonderful son.

Before 1988, Dianne basked in the joys of a happily married life. However, the blissful chapter came to an end as she and her former husband chose to part ways.

Dianne Holecheck with her ex-husband, Chuck Norris.
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Let’s rewind to the days when Dianne gained fame not just for her acting chops but also for her marriage to Chuck Norris, the American actor and martial artist. The two lovebirds exchanged vows in a traditional ceremony in December 1958. Chuck donned his Air Force uniform, while Dianne radiated in a beautiful white gown.

The wedded bliss continued for three decades until the decision to separate came in 1989. Despite the separation, they were blessed with two children during their union.

Dianne Shares Two Children with Chuck Norris

The ex-couple, Holechek and Norris, were already blessed with two adorable children before they decided to go their separate ways. Their journey of over thirty-one years together marked a harmonious family life.

The delightful offspring of Dianne and Norris include Mike Norris, an accomplished American actor, and Eric Norris, a former stuntman. The family welcomed their first bundle of joy, Mike, on October 4, 1962, followed by the arrival of Eric on May 20, 1964.

Adding to the family legacy, both Mike and Eric have tied the knot and are now parents themselves. They’ve carved their own paths to fame in the USA, following in the footsteps of their well-known parents.

Dianne Has Seven Grand Children

Dianne Holechek is proudly wearing the grandma hat with seven adorable grandchildren. Her sons have taken on the roles of husbands and fathers, making her the doting grandmother to seven little ones, much like Mykhailo Farmiga.

On Mike’s side, she shares the joy of three grandchildren, Greta Norris, Hannah Norris, and Max Norris. Meanwhile, Eric’s side brings four more bundles of joy into her life, named Camryn Norris, Chloe Norris, Chantz Norris, and Cash Norris.

And if that’s not enough, Holechek’s ex-husband, Chuck Norris, has a grand total of thirteen grandchildren, making their family tree quite the impressive and bustling one.

Dianne Featured on Documentary

Dianne Holechek, the mother of Mike Norris, made a singular on-screen appearance in a TV mini-series documentary titled Hollywood ’84. This documentary, spanning 2 hours and 15 minutes, graced screens on October 4, 1984.

Dianne Holecheck in her early days.
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Interestingly, Hollywood ’84 marks both her debut and finale in the realm of TV series documentaries. Her IMDb profile bears just one credit, a testament to her notable performance in this particular documentary.

Throughout her acting career, Holechek stepped in front of the camera only once, and that sole moment is captured in the mentioned documentary.

Dianne Holechek’s Wealth Status

Well, the former Hollywood ’84 actress is living the high life, boasting a millionaire lifestyle that puts her in the company of big earners like Patrick Flueger. Her substantial net worth sits comfortably at $10 million, a testament to her successful career as per MarriedCeleb.

But that’s not all—she’s got a little extra padding in the bank thanks to alimony from her former husband, rumored to be a cool million or more from their divorce settlement.

Adding another layer to her financial success, Holechek dabbled in modeling and made her mark in numerous music videos and TV commercials, raking in a handsome fortune along the way. Today, she navigates a beautiful life without a care in the world.

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