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Woody Harrelson is a versatile and charismatic actor known for his dynamic performances across various genres in the film industry. Woody rose to fame through his role as Woody Boyd on the TV series “Cheers.”

His acting prowess extends from gripping dramas like “The People vs. Larry Flynt” to blockbuster franchises such as “The Hunger Games.” In addition to his acting talent, Woody Harrelson’s personal life, lively personality, and undeniable charm consistently attach him to audiences, solidifying his status as a beloved figure in the entertainment world.

Woody Harrelson’s Net Worth

Woody Harrelson is a renowned American actor who has amassed an impressive net worth exceeding $70 million as per Celebrity Net Worth. His financial triumph is a result of a successful acting career, shrewd investments, and diverse assets.

With assets totaling approximately $51 million, Harrelson has demonstrated financial acumen. His portfolio is valued at $64 million, stemming from well-chosen investments that significantly bolster his overall wealth.

In the realm of finance, it’s pertinent to acknowledge that Harrelson, like many, carries certain liabilities and loans amounting to $25 million. Nevertheless, his substantial income serves as a robust foundation, allowing him to manage these obligations with ease.

Harrelson’s stellar talent and widespread popularity have translated into substantial earnings, with a commendable salary per episode for television shows standing at an impressive $300,000. This substantial income, coupled with his various ventures, affords Harrelson an annual income of approximately $14 million.

What is the breakdown of Harrelson’s earnings per movie?

Before joining the cast of Cheers, Woody Harrelson earned $18,000 per episode for his television appearances. Simultaneously, he received a salary of $400,000 for his movie roles during that period.

Woody Harrelson during his vacation days.
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Throughout his career, Harrelson secured significant roles in successful films. His portrayal of Cletus Kasady in Venom brought in an impressive $10 million. In the comedy-horror film Zombieland, he earned $8 million, and for the thrilling heist movie Now You See Me, he received $6 million.

In the crime drama The Highwaymen, where he starred alongside Kevin Costner, Harrelson was compensated with a salary of $10 million. For his role in the science fiction film War for the Planet of the Apes, he earned $12 million.

Harrelson’s involvement in the action-thriller film Kate brought him a salary of $5 million. These figures underscore the substantial compensation he has received, solidifying his position as a successful and well-paid actor in the film industry.

Harrelson’s Houses with Stunning Views

Woody Harrelson occupies an exquisite luxury residence located in Texas, USA. This extraordinary property, covering an impressive 12,100 square feet, was acquired by Harrelson for a substantial sum of $13 million.

Woody Harrelson house in Texas.
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The opulence of Harrelson’s home is evident in its expansive layout and numerous amenities. The residence features eight generously sized bedrooms, offering ample accommodation for the actor and his guests. With ten bathrooms, convenience and comfort are prioritized throughout the entire property.

In addition to its sumptuous living spaces, Harrelson’s mansion includes a game room, introducing an element of entertainment and leisure for both him and his visitors. This dedicated space provides opportunities for recreation and relaxation, reflecting the actor’s commitment to a well-rounded lifestyle.

The Range of Cars in Harrelson’s Collection

Adding to his recent acquisitions, Woody Harrelson’s car collection boasts an impressive lineup of vehicles, reflecting his discerning taste for both luxury and performance. Among his notable rides is the Land Rover Defender, an SUV that effortlessly combines ruggedness with refinement, celebrated for its off-road prowess and timeless design. Harrelson’s choice of this vehicle underscores his love for adventure and a preference for cars built to last.

Woody Harrelson in his car.
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Aligned with his advocacy for sustainable transportation, Harrelson proudly owns a Tesla Model X—an all-electric SUV renowned for its innovative features and eco-friendly performance. This decision resonates with his dedication to reducing carbon emissions and embracing eco-conscious energy solutions.

Furthermore, Harrelson has in his possession a Volvo XC40, a compact SUV renowned for its safety features and Scandinavian-inspired design. This vehicle mirrors his appreciation for practicality and style, offering a harmonious blend of functionality and elegance. Another standout in his collection is the BMW X7, a luxury SUV seamlessly marrying opulence, comfort, and robust performance. This choice serves as a testament to Harrelson’s admiration for cutting-edge technology and refined design.

Woody Harrelson’s Investment Portfolio

Woody Harrelson’s financial prowess extends well beyond his acting career, with a remarkable portfolio that encompasses diverse assets. With ownership of over 14 real estate properties, he strategically invests in the real estate market, contributing substantial value to his overall wealth.

Beyond the realm of real estate, Harrelson’s opulent lifestyle is reflected in his possession of seven luxury cars, showcasing both his penchant for extravagance and refined taste. Taking to the sea, he owns three lavish yachts, epitomizing his indulgent approach to life.

In terms of liquidity, Harrelson maintains cash reserves exceeding $18 million, providing him with financial flexibility for significant investments or new ventures. This demonstrates not only his financial acumen but also his keen interest in the dynamic world of the stock market.

Adding another layer to his financial strategy, Harrelson has strategically diversified his investments into a portfolio of 14 stocks valued at $16 million. Notable companies within his stock portfolio include industry giants like Walmart, Apple, Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and AT&T, showcasing the breadth and depth of his investment choices.

Social Media Presence

Woody Harrelson maintains a robust social media presence across various platforms, connecting with a vast audience of admirers. On Instagram, where he goes by the handle @woodyharrelson, the acclaimed actor boasts an impressive following, with over 3.3 million dedicated followers.

Likewise, on Facebook, under the username @Woody Harrelson, he has garnered a substantial following of over 3 million individuals. They actively engage with his content and updates.

Furthermore, on Twitter, @WoodyHarrelson is the handle where Harrelson maintains a more concise yet engaged audience, accumulating over 113.2k followers. Through these platforms, Woody Harrelson shares glimpses of his life, insights, and connects with fans, contributing to his widespread and active digital community.

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