Jamie Laing Bio, Age, Height, Early Life, Career, Net Worth and More

Jamie Laing Bio, Age, Height, Early Life, Career, Net Worth and More
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Posted By: Nazia Mughal | November 1, 2018

Jamie Laing Biography

Jamie Laing was born on Nov 3, 1988, in Oxford, England. He is the regular cast member of award-winning structured reality series ‘Made in Chelsea”, joining the series in the year 2011. Jamie Laing is the creator of the candy and clothing brand Candy kitchens.

Jamie Laing

He attended both Radley College and the University of Leeds. At the University of Leeds, he studied Theatre and Performances.

He had a temporary gig at Ralph Lauren where he had to stand still for 4 hours while holding a goldfish bowl with sushi platter on top of it.

Jamie Laing Family life

He dated fellow Made in Chelsea cast members Tara Keeney and Frankie Gaff. His parents are named Penny and Nicholas. Parents of Jamie divorced, and both have remarried. He says that of the two it is his mother Penny who most often watches the show. One recent scene involving Jamie showed him knocking on a female cast member’s bedroom door after a late night dinner party and unsuccessfully begging to let in. Jamie does not like to have big hearts with his mother about girls or relationships, so she finds out everything about his life when she watches the show and then she rings ask “did that happy, and what is happening with you next.”

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His parents used to ask about what would be next in the show, but in fact, they are supportive of him. They do not pretend and encourage him a lot.

Jamie Laing Facts

He tagged down his jeans to reveal a tattoo of a black cartoon cat with the words ‘candy kittens’ stamped on his hip bone.

Bursting with enthusiasm, he tells that his body art will spur him on every time he dressed to achieve his life’s ambition to become ‘the Willy Wonka and high Hefner of Chelsea.’

Jamie ‘s fabulously un-politically correct dream is to open a chain of the sweet shops with a difference: all staff will be hand-picked teams of the gorgeous, scantily clad girls. His Candy Kittens.

He is quick to point out; perhaps his great-grandfather faced the same skepticism.

Jamie is joined by his clad candy kittens as he pleads for funds for his shop from Frank, the bank manager employed to safeguard the playboy’s trust fund.

Jamie Laing

He claimed that he wanted to open his candy shop since he was about eight years old. Jamie a very frosty reaction from Frank when he pitched his business idea, accompanied by two Candy Kittens in crop tops and micro-shorts. Nevertheless, Jamie Laing reveals that he has gone behind his bank manager’s back to start the final stage of his Willy Wonka plan, a sweet called Sour Kitten he is developing with his fellow Made in Chelsea star and young entrepreneur Francis Boulle. Despite Boulle being the more patient member of the team, he looks after the accounts.

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Jamie Laing recent controversies

Jamie Laing confirmed that The Mail on Sunday’s story that his business partner given a warning by the producers of the show followed by a short suspension after repeatedly showing up late for filming.

Candy Kittens which had a £700,000 turnover for March 2016 and forecasts a £2.5 million turnover for March 2017, launched in 2012, proved now.  The candy comes in seven flavors including wild strawberry, sour watermelon, lemon sherbet, and Eton Mess. There are also two new vegetarian flavors on the way that are pineapple and sour apple.

He went to New York at the age of 18 years, at that time his girlfriend Lucy who also a star in “Made in Chelsea.”

Jamie Laing loves sweet more than anything in the world. He is becoming financially very strong due to her interest in the business. He not allowed to take sweets too much when he was a kid.

According to Jamie, it is easy to do a marketing plan while being on the show because it is easy for publicity with millions of viewers.

Jamie Laing Personal life

Jamie Laing

Jamie not upset about his relations. He remained in close relations with Kimberly garner, who is a newcomer to the show. Besides this, there are no more rumors about his personal life.

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Jamie Laing Net worth

The net worth of Jamie Laing is more than £7 million, according to the finance magazine Spears.

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