Jess Potter – Bio, Net Worth, Husband, Age, Facts, Family, Job, Height

Jess Potter - Bio, Net Worth, Husband, Age, Facts, Family, Job, Height

Jess Potter is a British reality television personality who is famous for her appearance on the ongoing seventh season of the British reality dating series “Married at First Sight UK 2022“. She has also appeared briefly on the second season of the Netflix TV show “Sexy Beasts“. She is a dental hygienist by the job. 

Jess Potter Known For

  • Jess Potter is a reality TV personality and dental hygienist. 
  • For her appearance on the seventh season of the British reality dating series “Married at First Sight UK“. 

Where does Jess Potter come from?

Jess Potter took birth on 7th April 1991 which makes her the present age of 31 as of 2022. Her full name is Jessica O’Connor. She is from Cambridgeshire, East of England, United Kingdom. Her nationality is British and she is British-White as per her ethnicity. Aries is her zodiac sign and her religion is Christianity. She has not clearly stated about her parent’s details to the media. Her dad is the greatest influencer in her life. She has a younger brother and a younger sister, Chloe. Her brother is a footballer by profession. Her grandfather was a mayor. She graduated as a dental hygienist from the University of Essex in July 2018. 

British reality television personality and dental hygienist, Jess Potter

What does Jess Potter do for a living?

  • Jess Potter is a dental hygienist by her profession. 
  • She started working at LittleportDental as a dental hygienist in 2017. 
  • She came to public fame after she appeared on the ongoing seventh season of the British reality dating series “Married at First Sight UK”. 
  • he reality show sees 16 singletons matched up with a stranger based on hobbies and future goals. The other contestants taking part in the MAFS UK include Adrian, Duke, Zoe Clifton, Jenna Robinson, Kwame, and more.

Everything To Know About Lara Eyre

  • The seventh season of Married at First Sight UK started airing on Monday 29th August on All 4. 
  • She has returned to her normal 9-5 after shooting to fame earlier this week on the show. 

Is Jess Potter married? 

Jess Potter is currently married to her Married at First Sight UK partner, Pjay Finch during the second week of the show, on their first date. She first met her partner on Married at First Sight UK and got married despite not knowing each other. She revealed in a post; “The truth is out! I MARRIED A STRANGER! All will be unveiled in brand new Married at First Sight UK coming soon to E4 and All 4.” Ahead of joining the show, Jess told Channel 4 that she wants to find a partner and settle down. Jess said; “On dating apps, people just want to get their leg over – they don’t want to settle down. I want to settle down!” During the show, Pjay asked her: “What is it you do for a job,” she replied: “I’m a dental hygienist.” She returned the question and asked: “What about you, what do you do?” With a cheeky smile, he responded: “OK, I’m going to tell you, but you can’t judge.” With her look turning to fear, Jess said: “OK that obviously makes me feel sick straight away.” Broaching the subject, Pjay replied: “So what I do… I am a performer slash dancer slash stripper.” Jess squealed back: “No you’re not oh f**k off. “Are you actually?” As he confirmed he’s not joking around, she mused: “S**t I don’t know what to say about that.” Unimpressed, she actually insisted she would not go on the honeymoon telling the camera that she ‘literally’ wants to go home. Later, when Pjay insisted he was willing to change his career, Jess started to warm to him. During their honeymoon, she opened up to him about her ex-partner sleeping with a very close family member at the time. During one incident, when Paul Brunson told the bride that she was not showing Pjay any physical affection, Jess accused Paul of painting her as ‘b***h’. Jess did not yet give spoilers as to if she and Pjay were still married. Jess Potter’s sexual orientaiton is straight. 

Jess Potter has revealed being sent death threats by fans of the Channel 4 show after episodes of her wedding and honeymoon with Pjay Finch aired. The pair met each other for the first time at the altar before saying their vows, and while they bonded over Harry Potter, things started to go downhill after Jess wasn’t impressed by Pjay’s job as a stripper. On their big day, Pjay was grilled by his new mother-in-law, shortly before Jess herself stormed off and threatened to not go on her honeymoon at the revelation. While on honeymoon, things took a worse turn as Jess awkwardly rejected Pjay’s offer of a massage, and later told the camera that she doesn’t feel the ‘romantic spark,’ and is instead feeling ‘a friend vibe’. Taking to Instagram, Jess has revealed she has since been sent death threats and is shocked at the reaction from viewers to scenes that were filmed six months ago. At their wedding, Jess’ mum was labeled ‘rude’ by fans, as she asked Pjay: ‘Where the f**k do you want to be in five years’ time and how are you going to get there? ‘Sort your bloody life out so you can look after my daughter because we’ll fall out,’ she added before Pjay full explained his job and how he was able to earn good money. He added: ‘Stripping is just a now job, I’m ready to make changes,’ and told the pair he’d possibly look to go back into events management. Fans quickly backed Pjay, and called out Jess’ mum for being ‘rude’ and towards her new son-in-law just for being a stripper, but Jess – and her mum – did start to come around moments later after Pjay gave a heartfelt explanation. The bride told him: ‘I just jumped to conclusions and sometimes that’s what I do.’ Later, Pjay vowed to quit stripping for her. ‘How am I going to build my life with someone with someone I don’t even bloody see?’ she asked him, adding: ‘And another thing I would say is, because I want kids in the future, I want to be with someone who can look after me during that time.’ ‘My whole life I’ve had to try and explain what I do and it had affected past relationships, but I’d love it to work with Jess,’ Pjay admitted to the camera. ‘I’ll do what it takes,’ he then vowed. ‘If that’s a case of quitting stripping, I’ll make it happen.’ But it seems as though Jess isn’t actually too sure of her new man just yet – and the thought of him quitting his job is a lot. ‘I feel really bad,’ she cringes. ‘I do maybe think that he likes me more, but I’m not a horrible person.’ ‘I am not at that level yet,’ she continued. ‘We are friends at the moment and hopefully, we can build on that, but I am not going to promise anything.’ There is a question if the pair’s romance blossom after they return from their honeymoon. 

Jess Potter married MAFS UK partner, Pjay Finch

How much is Jess Potter’s Net Worth?

Jess Potter is a dental hygienist and reality TV star by profession whose net worth is estimated to have in the range of $1 Million – $5 Million as of 2022. She is making her annual salary in millions of dollars from her career work. Her main source of wealth comes from the entertainment industry and as a dental hygienist. She is living a standard lifestyle at present. Details about her property and her car collection are still to get unfolded yet. 

Jess Potter Height and Weight

Jess Potter stands at the height of 5 feet 5 inches matching her well-maintained bodyweight. She has a pair of brown eyes and her hair color is dark brown. She has long hair. She has a glamorous look with a pretty face. She has also inked several tattoos on her body out of which one is of late queen Elizabeth II on the right leg. She also has a tattoo of Daniel Radcliffe. 

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