Kirk Cousins Facts Draft Salary Fantasy wiki Hampton

Kirk Cousins Facts Draft Salary Fantasy wiki Hampton
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Posted By: joy root | December 13, 2018

Facts are the information bits that are revolving around the past, present and future life of the celebrity. Kirk Cousins Facts. These facts are always scavenger by the athlete’s fan base. Kirk Cousins is among the list of top players from the Washington Redskins. The player who considered the most underrated pick of the Washington Redskins made his presence known greatly in the recent three years of his time on the field. He is no longer considering as the free agent but is proudly wearing the number 8 jersey of the team. All of this has increased his fan base who is scavenging the depths of the Internet to find more and more about Kirk’s life. For all those fans of his, we have gathered a list of best facts and compiled them here in one place for them to feast their eyes upon. These facts are as follows

Kirk Cousins Facts:

Kirk Cousins Charity Foundation:-

Cousins is a devoted Christian with a sense to help his fellow community members. He has made a Kirk Cousins Football Camp charity for youngsters to learn football for free. In March of 2014, Kirk announced to give the number 12 jersey to the new wide receiver playing for a donation of $12,000 to his charity. Kirk Cousins Facts. After this historic win with Tampa Bay Buccaneers and making slogan You Like That, he and his brother trademarked that slogan and made shirts of it. The money earned by selling those shirts was donated to the International Justice Mission.

Kirk Cousins Major Brand Endorsement Along with Teammates:-

Kirk Cousins after being recognized by his team is now also being recognized by major brands. He is currently endorsing the Eastern Automotive Group. He has made several appearances for the brand with his few other teammates like Josh Norman and Ryan Kerrin.

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Kirk Cousins Captain Kirk:-

The nickname of Kirk Cousins is the “Captain Kirk” a character from star trek series. Kirk Cousins Facts. He is given this name because of his leader like abilities as the fictional character.

Kirk Cousins Captain Kirk
Captain Kirk

Kirk Cousins Drafted An Insurance Policy:-

Cousins drafting by Washington Redskins as their insurance policy in case the 2nd over all of the 2012 NFL draft, Robert Griffin III got injured on the field. Kirk was chosen for this as the 102nd overall pick of the fourth round of 2012 NFL draft.

Kirk Cousins First in NFL History:-

First player in the NFL history that consecutively Franchise tagged for two years.

Kirk Cousins Passing Style:-

Cousins chose by Redskins due to his ability to make Pocket Passing, a trait that lets the majority of underrated NFL players to thrive through season after season easily. Kirk made this passing his strong suit and this has now earned him a place on team permanently.

Kirk Cousins College Football:-

Cousin is a graduate of the Michigan State University where he played for the Spartans team for four years. His career at Spartan was a record-setting one. Kirk Cousins Facts. His career stats, in college, were as follows.

  • 66 touchdowns
  • 9131 passing yards
  • 723 completions
  • 1 passing efficiency
  • 26 games with 200 passing yards

Kirk also ensured the leading of Spartans to four bowl games with an amazing performance in these four bowl games.

Kirk Cousins 2015 Season Starter:-

In 2015 Kirk made the starter for the Washington Redskins after replacing the injured Robert Griffin III. He selecting because of his performance in the 2015 Preservation games. One other reason for him being the starter that Kirk made clear to the team that if he did not make the starter, he would like to be traded with another team.

Kirk Cousins 2015 Season Starter
Winning Moment
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Kirk Cousins Best NFL Proposals to Wife:-

Kirk Cousin started dating the girl named Julie Hampton in 2012 and after year and a half of dating, he proposed her to marry him. The proposal is one of the best proposals by any NFL player today. Kirk made the proposal from the balcony of the U.S. congressman home in West Michigan. Kirk Cousins Facts. His friend with Congressman Bill Huizenga and asked him for this favor who agreed and arranged the party for the proposal.

Kirk Cousins Random Drug Test:-

He made a tweet about him getting a random drug test by NFL officials during 2013 offseason. Kirk Cousins Facts.  At the time Kirk was at his grandma’s house. Kirk stated that it was weird having a stranger watch you closely in your own washroom.

Kirk Cousins Grandfather’s Car:-

Cousins is very fond of his grandparents and until one of his grandparents, his grandfather died. To remember him by, he brought his grandfather’s conversion van from his grandma. Kirk Cousins Facts.  He plans to use it for a tailgate type of car to be taken on the season for family and friends.

Kirk Cousins Misspelled Name:-

Kirk is one of the prestigious alums of Michigan State University. The memorabilia store there is named Grand Rapid Memorabilia Store. They asked him to make an appearance at the store and sign few autographs. Kirk accepted their invitation but store owners made wrong posters of him by misspelling his name. The poster read Kurt Cousins instead of Kirk Cousins.

Kirk Cousins Best Spartan Pass Ever:-

In the match against Spartans and Badgers team, Kirk made one of the best passes in Michigan’s history ever. He threw the ball into the end zone with only 4 seconds on the clock. Kirk Cousins Facts. The ball bounced off the head of one player and on to the arms of the other who ran and made the touchdown. The touchdown first short ruled but then called off after an official review.

Kirk Cousins Best Spartan Pass Ever
Kirk Happy with his Team Player
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Kirk Cousins ESPN Hoax:-

At the time of his time at college Kirk considered a hot head that was ready to fight anytime. This taken by one of the ESPN’s journalist as an opportunity to gain some limelight. He broadcaster news that Kirk Cousins beat the entire Michigan Hockey team. Kirk in the church at the time of the news, so that journalist suspending for misleading the viewers.

Kirk Cousins Serious about Nutrition:-

When it comes to nutrition Kirk is among few of the most serious quarterback in NFL. He has a crazy schedule as the NFL quarterback and does not get much time in the morning to have a proper breakfast. For coping with this problem Kirk drinks his own homemade recipe of smoothie for full nutritional value. The smoothie is ready for the go time that packs all the necessary nutrients for training. Kirk Cousins Facts. The recipe includes the following items.

  • Half teaspoon jam or jelly
  • A teaspoon of peanut butter half
  • Half banana
  • Cup of ice
  • 1 scoop of his protein powder

Kirk Cousins Made First Big Show off his Win:-

In his team’s win against Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Kirk for the first time in his career made a show of it and that “you liked that, you liked that”.This liked by fans of course.

Kirk Cousins Made Team’s Comeback Victory:-

Washington Redskins in their total of 1202 games since 2015 made one of the special comeback games in the match against Carolina Panthers. Kirk Cousins Facts. The deficit that the team made a comeback from was 21 points.

Kirk Cousins Made Team’s Comeback Victory
After Winning Movement

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