Von Miller Facts; 15 Unbelievable Facts about Von Miller

Von Miller Facts; 15 Unbelievable Facts about Von Miller
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Von Miller is a name that is now making its name by leaps and bounds in the field of NFL. Von Miller Facts. His current status in the NFL is the Linebacker for the Denver Broncos. The great offensive and defensive game brought by him to the field has caught the eye of the boards of his team and he was given a lucrative deal of 6 years as a continued player in the Denver Broncos NFL team. With all this fame the numbers of his fans are increasing rapidly and they are eager to know about his life facts and other information of importance revolving his life. To quench the thirst to know about Von Miller, we have brought this guide of various facts for fans. These facts include some of the most important piece of information including many controversies as well. These facts are as follows.

Von Miller Facts; 15 Unbelievable Facts about Von Miller

Von Miller about Celebrating His First Victory:-

Miller as the linebacker of Denver Colorado was incited at the after victory party of Super Bowl at the Denver Colorado football club. Von Miller Facts.  To celebrate this first great achievement he chose his family members as the participants. He invited his mother, father and only brother to the party. Seeing their love he showed to his family especially his mother he given the title of Mother’s Day best child.

Von Miller Chicken Farming Hobby:-

Von Miller is a chicken farmer first and the star linebacker for Denver Colorado later. He majored in chicken farming from Texas A&M and started his small chicken farm. After being recruited as a professional NFL player he is still continuing his chicken farming passion too. Von Miller Facts. Heat the moment does not consider it to be a business but is uncertain as it can become a business in the future. He plans to get this hobby into a full-fledged business until his next deal with Denver Broncos.

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Von Miller Facts; 15 Unbelievable Facts

Von Miller Loves To Sack Oakland Raiders Quarterback:-

In an interview, Von Miller revealed that as a linebacker they have to depend upon sacking the quarterback and his favorite quarterback to sack is the Oakland Raiders Quarterback Derek Carr. Von Miller Facts. He shows a lot of respect towards Derek and considers him to be the best player of the Oakland Raiders and admits that getting him is the only way for his team to win against the Oakland Raiders. He gets nervous in AFC West due to Derek Carr.

Von Miller Obsessed Collector:-

Miller apart from his chicken farming and car collection hobbies is also considered to be an obsessed person when it comes to collecting shoes and glasses. Von Miller Facts. He wears vision spectacle from the early age of twelve but this glasses wearing has now turned into an obsession. He now has a collection of about 150 glasses in his closet.

Von Miller Shoes Collector:-

One other thing that he is more obsessed than glasses collecting is shoes collecting. His closet contains a massive collection of 800 pairs of shoes of each type be it for formal dressing or the sneakers for casual dressing. Von Miller Facts. This is not the only fact. The other bizarre thing is that he has only worn 20 percent meaning that other 640 pairs are still unworn.

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Von Miller Facts; 15 Unbelievable Facts

Von Miller Idol:-

Everyone is eager to know as to whom is Von Miller’s idol for football and this answer finally given by him in an interview. He says that his current teammate and former player of Dallas Cowboys is his idol growing up. Von Miller Facts. In his idolization, he gives the following details.

  • He says that I wear all white gloves as DeMarcus wears them during his play
  • He says that a towel hangs at the back of my pants as DeMarcus towel hangs from the outside of his pants
  • Von Miller says my stance looks like DeMarcus because I wanted to be him during my high school days.
  • And now my dream is fulfilled as I lined right beside him.

Von Miller Vision Foundation:-

One trademark feature of his looks is his thick glasses of vision. He has a low vision from an age of 11 years. He is evident to the fact the importance of wearing eyeglasses and is currently forming a charity named by Von’s Vision Foundation. Von Miller Facts. Their aim is to help the low-income vision afflicted children of Denver families to get bets eye care and eyewear. This will help them perform better in their routine life. Their current aim is to help at least 2000 children in the local vicinity of Denver.

Von Miller As A Music Lover:-

Von Miller is also known as an eccentric music lover in his community. One of the DJ’s at his club called him an Eccentric Guy with Eccentric Music taste upon his request of following songs.

  • Spirit in the sky by Norman Greenbaum
  • No reason Lil Wayne
  • Smell like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
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Von Miller As A Dancer:-

Von Miller is also recognizing his eccentric dance moves on both filed and off the field. When he scores he bust out awesome moves that make him a loveable celebrity. Von Miller Facts. He inviting on to the stage of the Dancing with Stars TV Show. This has now made him a world-renowned dancer as well.

Von Miller Facts; 15 Unbelievable Facts

Von Miller About His Pickup By Broncos:-

Miller is one of the few players that were picking up in the first round by Denver bronco’s team in their 2011 NFL draft.

Von Miller About His Rookie Awards:-

In his debut as a player from Broncos, he gave the following two titles after trying to achieve franchise rookie sack records.

  • Defensive Rookie of the year
  • Pro Ball Starter

Von Miller as The AFC Defensive Player of The Month:-

In 2014 due to his efforts of leading all NFL players in 7 sacks and tackle without any loss, he named as the AFC Defensive Rookie of the year award.

Von Miller as a Linebacker:-

His football career so far has the following accolades for being a member of Denver Broncos.

  • 339 tackles from which 267 were solo
  • 5 sack
  • One interception
  • 13 defense passes
  • 19 forced fumbles
  • 5 fumble recoveries

Von Miller The Fastest Player:-

He awarding the title of the Fastest Player to reach 70 career quarterbacks since the time sack became an official play.

Von Miller Third In History For Sacks:-

Von Miller awarded the third place in the history of NFL players due to his sacks per game out of the players who appeared in the first 40 games.

Von Miller Facts; 15 Unbelievable Facts

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