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NELK also recognized as the NELK Boys, previously known by the name ‘NelkFilmz’. It is a Canadian YouTube channel and entertainment company known for its prank videos and vlogs. Also, the channel features videos of the Boys’ lifestyle and behind the scenes as well as their occasional parties. Nevertheless, the boys’ group consists of founding members: Kyle Forgeard, Jesse Sebastiani, Steve Deleonardis, and Salim Sirir.

Moreover, the group also features other members “Cousin Jay”, Pat Sebastiani (Jesse’s father), and other staff as well. In addition, Nelk is using the term “Full Send” to refer to them as well as used in their merchandise. Further, almost all of their videos are age-restricted and demonetized due to the nature of the content by YouTube. The NELK members met with President Donald Trump on Air Force One in October 2020 during one of his 2020 presidential election rallies.

NELK: History & Members

NELK aka Nelk boys creates content mostly on pranks, further, they also distribute giveaways and more. The Canadian channel created on 6 July 2010 and as of 2020, the channel accumulates 6.1 million subscribers and over 849 million views. The group uses the term “Full Send” referring to partying and living life without thinking about the consequences, as seen in their videos. Further, they constantly keep on repeating the phrase throughout the group’s videos.

Comin to their members, it consists of a quite big group of boys including its founding members Kyle Forgeard, Jesse Sebastiani, and Salim Sirir. Further, Steve Deleonardis (SteveWillDoIt) joined the group when Forgeard discovered him for his drinking and smoking challenge videos in May 2019. Additionally, Lucas Gasparini reported that he left the channel in early 2017 concerning his involvement put him at risk after a huge success of a controversial prank video. Currently, the members reside in Los Angeles referring to “FULLSEND House”, originally they lived in Ontario, Canada.

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NELK: Legal Issues

The boy’s group had also involved in many legal issues as well as arrested for their prank videos. In 2015, their video titled ‘Coke Prank’ became a controversial subject where they telling Los Angeles Police Department officers of having “coke” in the back of the car. This leading the officers to think that they were referring to cocaine when in reality they were referring to Coca-Cola. The group received a warning, further, the LAPD released a statement informing the public that the prank was illegal and warning potential copycat pranksters doing so. However, the video gained over 40 million views gaining them a huge success.

Following that in 2017, the Toronto Police Service arrested the two NELK members Forgeard and Sebastiani. Moreover, they were placed in jail overnight for reasons related to a prank performed at a local-area Toys “R” Us. Next, Jesse was arrested in January 2019 during a prank in which he walked into a bookstore wearing a white jumpsuit with fake blood smeared all over it, and asked workers if they had books on covering up a crime scene. Thereafter, he was charged by the police and found guilty of disorderly conduct in U.S. Court.

NELK: Net Worth & Social Media Profiles

The social networking site makes a good amount through monetized promotions of products and advertisements. The average has estimated earnings from $10,700 to $170,500 monthly or can extend over $2 million yearly from the videos alone. Further, they also accumulate a profitable amount from their merchandise that they drop every year. Therefore, the channel has a net worth that has an estimation of above $1 million.

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As a popular YouTube channel, they are highly active over different social media platforms. The group has a verified account @nelkboys with 3.8 million followers. On Twitter, they go by the unverified account @nelkboys with 465.5k followers. Also, they have a Facebook account with more than 922k followers.

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