Rob Gronkowski Facts; 22 Unbelievable Facts about Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski Facts; 22 Unbelievable Facts about Rob Gronkowski
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Rob Gronkowski is the Football Tight End for the New England Patriots NFL team. He is a 6 feet 6 inch beast with a body of steel that can ram his way through any team’s defensive barrier. With his brute force and speed, Rob has earned the respect of his teammates and his opponents too. Tom Brady commented on him by saying he is One of a Kind person. All of the splendid play offered by him during the years has increased his fan base immensely, and they are always eager to know more and more about their party-loving hipster idol. For those fans of his, we have gathered a list of fun facts from both his life and his career to feast your eyes upon. ”Gronkowski Facts” contains many unknown or rarely known interesting facts about Rob Gronkowski.

Rob Gronkowski Facts:

Rob Gronkowski Party Celebrity:-

Gronkowski is so famous for his parties that people even pay him to come to their parties to make it more fun. He was paid by a woman for attending her 21st birthday party with her college pals. Rob took a friend with and according to this friend he drank heavily with these college kids. After the party, Rob said to his friend that he apologize for the party not being fun enough.

Rob Gronkowski Loves New England Patriots Fans:-

Rob Gronkowski is very loyal to his team that has made his career as the pro footballer a smash./ This can be evident from the fact that after winning the super bowl and in the after Rob took shots from patriots fans one by one and didn’t stop even for a second. This not only shows his love for partying but also tells us how much of a drinker he is.

Rob Gronkowski Smart Man:-

Rob is considered as the brute on the field with no brain of his own.  However, this is not true as Rob has told in an interview that he has invested the majority of his salary in Municipal bonds for a steady interest. He gets most of the stuff from endorsement for free, so he maintains a modest condo accommodation near the Patriots Stadium.

Rob Gronkowski Smart Man
Rob Gronkowski Facts
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Rob Gronkowski Family Slogan:-

After making a touchdown on the field or during the parties after taking a shot, Rob yells his famous family trademarked slogan Yo Soy Fiesta.

Rob Gronkowski Heavy Drinker:-

Gronkowski is known for his love of both energy drinks and hard liquor. Since college days he would gulp on 5 Hour Energy Drinks, and after finishing them, he would fill them up with liquor.

Rob Gronkowski Feels No Fear:-

Rob Gronkowski in an interview about his gameplay told the reporter that he loves to be hit by the linebacker in the middle of the field. This gives him an adrenalin rush. The same comment was passed on to his family that Rob is a fearless pain. He would ski down the mountain faster than any other kid without being afraid.

Rob Gronkowski He is a Big Kid:-

With all the partying and drinking and bizarre slogans in his life, it is now evident that Rob is typically a Big Kid at heart. He simply loves being an irresponsible kid. He also explained in one interview as his childhood is the best time of his life. As a child, he would do silliest of the things and would get scratch free from any consequence. Although he is living a life of a kid, he still wishes to e a kid again.

Rob Gronkowski His Brother:-

Dan is the older brother of the Rob Gronkowski and is also a football tight end for the Detroit Lions. His locker was beside the teammate Wes Walker who thought of Dan as dumb as Rob, but he commented by saying that actually, Dan is much smarter than Rob.

Rob Gronkowski His Brother
Rob Gronkowski Facts
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Rob Gronkowski Giving Things Bizarre Nicknames:-

One other fact that tells us that Rob is typically a kid is his odd habit of nicknaming his personal belongings. He calls his shorts as Nice Shorts. The classification of these Nice Shorts is them being wrinkled, frayed and have a stain on butt cheek region. The other example of these nicknames is him calling his couch Chill Couch.

Rob Gronkowski Loves His Family Approval For Things He Does:-

Rob Gronkowski is often regarded as an outrageous celebrity when talking to media. He tends to say most outrageous comments on live TV. According to his big brother Dan, Rob does so to make his family laugh. According to Dan if we tell him that it was hilarious of him to say the stuff he said he gets happy.

Rob Gronkowski Dance Lover:-

Rob is also a dance lover. He considers Cam Newton as an idol for his dance moves and also considers him to be on the same level as Rob himself. This is a little Self Obsessing Rob.

Rob Gronkowski Co-Captain:-

Rob Gronkowski is not only the party freak but a responsible football player. The fact is evident by him being the CO Captain for his team, one of the major NFL teams.  This shows the trust his teammates show in his ability to lead them despite all of his reckless and shenanigans off the field.

Rob Gronkowski First in NFL History:-

Gronkowski has the title of being the first in the history of NFL with Ten plus touchdowns in 3 seasons. Rob achieved this title for his play in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Gronkowski another NFL Record:-

He also made the first NFL record for having Five Double-Digit Touchdown Seasons by a Football Tight End player. Rob Gronkowski Facts.  The record is held for this season of 2010-2012 and from 2014-2015.

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Rob Gronkowski Team and NFL Record:-

Rob made a total of 67 touchdown passes to his quarterback Tom Brady that also connected across the field. Ten was the personal best for the team and also the second most passes in between Tight End and a Quarterback player for any NFL team.

Rob Gronkowski Third in fastest Tight End Players:-

As a tight end player, Rob is the third fastest in NFL history with 60 Touchdown receptions. Rob Gronkowski Facts. He did so in his 71 career match. The first and second on the list are Lance Alworth and Jerry Rice.

Rob Gronkowski Team Rookie Record:-

Gronkowski also made the team Rookie record in his first seasons play by making 10 receiving touchdowns. This was the most by any Tight End Player of Patriots has ever made.

Rob Gronkowski Team Rookie Record
Rob Gronkowski Facts

Rob Gronkowski College Record:-

He played the tight end for the Arizona University, and there he made the school history by having more receptions made by any Tight end player.

Rob Gronkowski Back Issues:-

Gronkowski has chronic back issues since his college days and from that time has undergone the knife for at least three times due to various hits on fields. Rob Gronkowski Facts. One of the surgery cost him an entire season of football with his college team.

Rob Gronkowski School Records:-

Despite undergoing surgery, Rob maintained the following records for his College history as tight end player.

  • Receptions
  • Touchdowns
  • Receiving Yards

Rob Gronkowski Olympic Lineage:-

Gronkowski great-grandfather was a member of the Olympic Cyclist team in 1942 from the USA. Rob Gronkowski Facts.  His name was Ignatius Gronkowski.

Rob Gronkowski Degree Holder:-

Gronkowski is the graduate of the University of Arizona as Pre Business Major. Rob Gronkowski Facts. He was also named as the Student-Athlete of the Month in April of 2008 from University.

Rob Gronkowski Degree Holder
Rob Gronkowski Facts

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