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Shanquella Robinson was a well-known entrepreneur and social media personality from North Carolina who was tragically murdered while on vacation in Mexico on October 29, 2022. Her death sparked widespread public interest and media attention, with many people speculating about the cause of her death. A video that emerged later revealed that she had been attacked in her rental villa before her death. Her death has led to an ongoing high-profile investigation by both Mexican and American authorities, as her family and friends seek justice for her untimely passing.

Despite the tragic circumstances of her death, Shanquella’s life and career were marked by success and achievement. As the founder of a women’s fashion clothing line and a talented hairstylist, she was widely respected and admired within her community. Her social media presence was also significant, with tens of thousands of followers on Instagram. Shanquella’s legacy is one of creativity, passion, and entrepreneurship, and she will be deeply missed by those who knew and loved her.

When was Shanquella Robinson born?

Shanquella Robinson was a proud American, born on January 9, 1997, in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. She belonged to the African-American ethnic group and held American nationality. Shanquella celebrated her 25th birthday in 2022, marking her last birthday. She came from a close-knit family that includes her mother, Salamondra Robinson, her father, Bernard Robinson, and her sister, Quilla Robinson. After her tragic death, her parents demanded justice and an FBI investigation to uncover the truth about their daughter’s death. Her autopsy revealed that she died from injuries to her neck, severe spinal cord injury, and atlas luxation, and not from toxic alcohol consumption, as initially reported by her friends.

Shanquella Robinson was a highly educated individual who graduated from Winston-Salem State University, a historically black college in North Carolina. She was an inspiration to many young people who followed her on social media, where she showcased her modeling career and her thriving clothing business. Her death has left a deep impact on her family and friends, who continue to remember her as a talented and driven young woman who left a lasting impression on those who knew her.

American entrepreneur, Shanquella Robinson

How was the Career of Shanquella Robinson?

  • Shanquella Robinson’s fame on Instagram was largely due to her active presence on the platform, where she engaged with her followers and shared her daily life experiences. She had a considerable following of 106k, who admired her beauty, style, and grace. Her modeling career also played a significant role in her popularity, as she had worked on several photoshoots in Miami, Las Vegas, and Jamaica, among other locations.
  • In addition to her modeling work, Shanquella was passionate about her clothing business, which included two brands: “Exquisite Boutique” and “Exquisite Kids”. The former was a women’s clothing line, while the latter catered to children aged 1-12 years. Shanquella’s fashion sense was reflected in her clothing designs, which were highly appreciated by her customers. Her business success enabled her to earn a substantial income, which allowed her to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

  • In October 2022, Shanquella Robinson traveled to Mexico with a group of friends, including three women and three men, identified as Khalil Cooke, Malik St Patrick Dyer, Wenter Essence Donovan, Alysse Michelle Hyatt, Daejhanae Jackson, and Nazeer Wiggins. The group stayed at a rental luxury apartment at the Puerto Los Cabos resort in Cabo San Lucas. Unfortunately, Shanquella’s vacation ended in tragedy when she was killed in Mexico under circumstances that are still unclear. Her untimely death left her fans and followers in shock, and her legacy as a successful model and businesswoman continues to inspire many. 

How did Shanquella Robinson die?

  • On October 29, a resident of the resort where Shanquella Robinson and her friends were staying became unwell, prompting a call for medical assistance. At around the same time, Robinson’s mother received a phone call from one of her daughter’s companions, informing her that Robinson was feeling unwell and that a doctor was on the way to attend to her. The doctor who arrived within an hour found Robinson to be dehydrated, disorientated, and appearing to be intoxicated. Robinson’s travel companions refused the doctor’s recommendation that she be admitted to the hospital and instead insisted that she be treated in their apartment room.
  • During medical treatment, Robinson suffered a seizure and sphincter relaxation. Despite attempts by ambulance paramedics to resuscitate her using CPR, intrathoracic pressure, adrenaline, and electrical discharges from a defibrillator, Robinson was declared clinically dead at 5:57 pm. The exact cause of her death remains unclear, but it is suspected that Robinson may have suffered from alcohol poisoning or another medical condition that was exacerbated by alcohol consumption. 
  • The initial responders at the scene were two police officers named Omar and David from the Los Cabos Municipal Police Department. They were briefed by Dr. Ornelas-Gutiérrez about a young woman who had ingested too much alcohol and required medical treatment. The doctor had found the woman in an unresponsive but stable condition and had planned to take her to the hospital on an IV line, but her companions objected and requested that she be treated in their hotel room instead. The woman’s condition worsened even after the arrival of paramedics. When the woman, Shanquella Robinson, was declared dead, the police officers informed the state attorney, Julio Daniel, of the foreign citizen’s death and were instructed to file reports and investigation forms before handing over the case to the ministerial police. Based on eyewitness accounts and Dr. Ornelas-Gutiérrez’s input, the police report concluded that Robinson had died of alcohol poisoning and had suffered no internal or external injuries. The US State Department initially released a statement reporting that “Mexican authorities said there was no clear evidence Robinson was murdered” based on this police report and the investigations conducted by Mexican authorities.
  • On November 5, a notarized English translation of Shanquella Robinson’s death certificate was released, which was based on an autopsy report from forensic doctor Rene A. Galvan-Oseguera from the Secretariat Of Health, Baja California Sur, dated November 4, 2022. The autopsy report stated that Robinson died 15 minutes after suffering a severe spinal cord injury and an atlas luxation, which is a dislocation or separation of the skull base from the first bone of the neck. The report also noted that Robinson was found unconscious in her living room, and her death was categorized as accidental or violent, but there was no mention of cardiac arrest or alcohol poisoning. 

Criminal Charge of Femicide

  • On November 23, the Attorney General of Baja California General Prosecutors Office, Daniel de la Rosa Anaya, announced that a court order for the arrest of a person identified as an American had been issued for the criminal charge of femicide, as the “direct aggressor” in the death of Shanquella Robinson. In a video interview with local newspaper BCS Noticias, he clarified that Robinson did not die from alcohol intake or injuries sustained in a fight, but rather from a “direct assault” that caused a spinal cord fracture. The Prosecutor’s Office had sought the assistance of Mexican federal prosecutors and US officials to locate the suspect, and were working on formal extradition proceedings. The Governor of Baja California Sur, Víctor Manuel Castro Cosío, also referred to the case as femicide. While an arrest warrant was issued for one of Robinson’s travel companions, no one has been charged yet.


  • The death of Shanquella Robinson, an African-American woman who was vacationing in Mexico, has raised concerns about the safety of tourists in the country. Robinson was found unconscious in a rented apartment on October 31, 2022, and was declared dead two days later. The circumstances surrounding her death were initially unclear, with conflicting accounts given by her travel companions. Some of them claimed she died of alcohol poisoning, while others said she was beaten. Robinson’s mother became suspicious of her daughter’s friends after each one of them gave a different account of the events that led to her death. Her doubts were further exacerbated by the autopsy report, which showed that Robinson had suffered a broken neck. Robinson’s family spent more than two weeks trying to convince authorities in the United States and Mexico that their daughter’s death was suspicious and deserved further investigation. The case gained media attention in Mexico after a video of Robinson being beaten by one of her female acquaintances was leaked on social media. The footage showed Robinson being punched, yanked by the neck, and thrown to the floor, while two others filmed the attack. The video sparked outrage and raised questions about why no one intervened in the attack, but instead chose to record it on their cellphones. Robinson’s family has vowed to continue investigating her death, and there have been calls for a thorough investigation into the case.
  • Mexican journalist Gerardo Zuñiga was the first to report on Robinson’s death in the media. He had previously covered the murder of American retiree Rodney Davis, who was also killed while on vacation in Mexico. Robinson’s death has raised concerns about the safety of tourists in the country and highlighted the need for better measures to protect them. The U.S. Department of State has responded to the incident, stating that protecting the welfare of U.S. citizens overseas is among their top priorities. However, Robinson’s family has criticized the department for not doing enough to investigate her death and for releasing a statement claiming that there was no clear evidence of foul play.

Was Shanquella Robinson dating someone?

  • Unfortunately, not much is known about Shanquella Robinson’s personal life, including her romantic relationships. While she was young and beautiful, she kept her private life away from the public eye, and there is no record of her ever publicly discussing her love affairs. It is unclear if she had a boyfriend at the time of her death, and if she did, she kept their relationship private. Despite her untimely passing, her fans and followers continue to remember her for her beauty and kind-hearted nature.
  • Shanquella’s legacy lives on through her social media profiles, where her fans continue to share and comment on her pictures and videos. Her beauty and grace still inspire many people, and she remains an inspiration to those who knew her or came across her work. While the details of her personal life may remain a mystery, her impact on those who followed her online and knew her in person will never be forgotten.

How much was Shanquella Robinson’s net worth?

Shanquella Robinson was known to live a lavish and luxurious life, evident from her social media posts that showcased her love for high-end fashion, luxury cars, and exotic vacations. Her successful career in business allowed her to enjoy a life of comfort and extravagance. Shanquella was not shy about spending her hard-earned money on luxurious items and experiences that she enjoyed, and her fans admired her for her taste and style.

Despite her young age, Shanquella had achieved significant success in her career, which allowed her to accumulate a net worth of approximately $550,000 USD at the time of her death. Her hard work and dedication to her business were apparent in her lifestyle, which reflected her success and love for the finer things in life. Although her life was cut short, Shanquella’s legacy lives on as an inspiration to many who aspire to achieve success and live life to the fullest.

How tall is Shanquella Robinson?

Shanquella Robinson was a stunning woman with striking black eyes and long black hair that complemented her beauty. She had a height of 1.62 meters, which translates to 162 centimeters, and her body weight was 58 kilograms or 127 pounds. Her well-proportioned body measurements were 38 inches for her breasts, 28 inches for her waist, and 38 inches for her bust. In addition to her natural beauty, Shanquella had inked multiple tattoos on her body that added to her unique style. 

Despite her physical beauty, Shanquella was also known for her inner beauty, as she was a kind-hearted person who treated others with respect and compassion. She was an inspiration to many, and her presence in any room lit up the atmosphere. Shanquella’s memory will always be cherished by those who knew her, as she embodied both inner and outer beauty.

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