The Intriguing Life of Corey Harrison’s Ex-Wife

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In the world of entertainment and celebrity marriages, there are often stories that captivate us, leaving us curious about the lives of the individuals involved. One such story is that of Korina Harrison, a name that may ring a bell for fans of the popular TV show “Pawn Stars.”

In this article, we will delve into the life of Korina Harrison, the ex-celebrity wife who briefly shared the spotlight with one of the show’s main faces, Corey Harrison.

Early Life and Background of Korina Harrison

Korina Harrison, a woman known for her strong desire for privacy, has always intrigued us. She revealed little about her early life and background, stepping into the limelight only when she entered a relationship with Corey Harrison.

Despite her brief taste of fame, Korina adeptly shielded her personal history from prying eyes, adding an air of mystery to her persona.

Corey Harrison and Korina Harrison Meeting Marriage

Corey Harrison and Korina Harrison crossed paths in 2011, and sparks ignited between them in no time. Their whirlwind romance dominated conversations in town, with fans eagerly seeking to uncover more about the woman who had captured Corey’s heart.

Corey Harrison and Korina Harrison were married on May 2017.
Source: Twitter

Korina Harrison embarked on her path to fame when she married Corey Harrison, widely recognized as ‘Big Hoss’ from “Pawn Stars.” Their whirlwind romance culminated in a wedding on May 26, 2017, marking the beginning of her journey into the limelight.

Korina and Corey are the parents to a son(Richard Benjamin Harrison).
Source: Pinterest

Korina and Corey celebrated the arrival of their son. They named him after Corey’s grandfather, Richard Benjamin Harrison, and he was born in October 2018. Corey openly shared his feelings of happiness and nervousness as he embraced fatherhood for the first time.

The Turning Point: Decision to Initiate Divorce

Despite a promising start, Korina and Corey faced marriage challenges due to their busy schedules. Corey took the initiative to begin the divorce proceedings in August 2018, and their separation was legally finalized by September 10th, 2018. They amicably parted ways, with both expressing good wishes for each other’s future endeavors.

Korina and Corey legally separated in 2018.
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Korina faced a tough situation during the divorce because she was pregnant with their child when they decided to separate. Corey said their busy work schedules caused the split, but there’s still a lot we don’t know about what really happened, leaving fans and curious minds wanting more details.

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Corey’s First Marriage: The Story of Charlene

One intriguing fact about Korina Harrison is that she became Corey Harrison’s second wife. Prior to marrying Korina, Corey had been in wedlock with Charlene Harrison, who divorced him in 2015, two years before his marriage to Korina. Corey and Charlene’s relationship had deep roots, as they were high school sweethearts, adding an extra layer of intrigue to their divorce.

Corey was married to Charlene before Korina.
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The reasons behind Corey’s divorce from Charlene remain a mystery, as both Corey and Charlene have closely guarded their personal lives. In contrast to Korina, Charlene did not make appearances on “Pawn Stars,” leaving fans to ponder her absence from the show.

Is Korina Harrison Dating After Divorce?

After their separation, Korina Harrison made the choice to keep a low profile, reminiscent of her life before Corey. She withdrew from public view, sparking curiosity among fans and onlookers. Her life following the divorce has remained shrouded in mystery, with only occasional glimpses into her world emerging over the years.

Corey Harrison is presently in a relationship with Tara Pasley.
Source: Pinterest

In the meantime, her spouse is presently in a relationship with Tara Pasley, with their romance having blossomed over a considerable period. The couple have been spotted in various location and have shared some pictures of them.

Korina Harrison’s Enigmatic Finances: A Look at Her Net Worth

When it comes to finances, both Korina and Corey Harrison have intriguing stories. Korina’s estimated net worth is approximately $100,000, but the sources of her income remain undisclosed, leaving us curious about her financial background. We know that she acquired a portion of her wealth through her divorce settlement with Corey, although the precise amount remains confidential.

On the other hand, Corey’s net worth stands at $4 million, primarily due to the success of the Gold & Silver Pawn shop, owned by his family. The shop gained international fame thanks to the popularity of “Pawn Stars,” a show that revolves around valuable antique items. Before joining the family business, Corey worked at a beauty bar, which also contributed to his wealth. Additionally, his grandmother, JoAnne Rhue Harrison, enjoys millionaire status, boasting a net worth of $3 million.

Brushes with the Law: Corey and Chumlee’s Troubles

Controversies have peppered Corey Harrison’s life. He and his best friend, Chumlee Harrison, have both faced legal issues at various points. In 2011, Corey found himself on the wrong side of the law due to a bar fight that escalated and attracted police involvement. Although he was eventually released, the incident left a mark on his record.

Chumlee’s encounter with the law took a more serious turn, involving illegal weapons and drugs. In March 2016, during a police raid related to a sexual assault case, authorities discovered illegal items at his residence. Consequently, Chumlee received a three-year probation sentence.

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