Where Is Tiny Tim’s Daughter, Tulip Victoria Khaury Now and Her Net Worth

Tulip Victoria Khaury

Tulip Victoria Khaury rose to prominence due to her notable parentage. She is the daughter of Herbert Buckingham Khaury, better known as the iconic Tiny Tim, and Victoria Lombardi, also recognized as Miss Vicki. Professionally, Tiny Tim was a celebrated American singer, accomplished ukulele player, and a dedicated musical archivist.

Her father, late Tiny Tim, achieved fame during the 1960s, captivating audiences with his unique falsetto voice and mastery of the ukulele. Tulip’s mother is Victoria Budinger, widely recognized as Miss Vicki, and she is the product of Tiny Tim’s union with his first wife. For more insights into Tulip’s personal life, continue reading below.

Tulip Victoria’s Age and Early Life

Tulip Victoria Khaury was born on May 10, 1971, in the vibrant city of New York. Her parents, Victoria Mae Budinger, affectionately known as Miss Vicki, and Herbert Butros Khaury, the artist who adopted the stage persona of Tiny Tim.

Tulip Victoria with her father, Tinny Tim.
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In terms of her educational journey, specific details remain undisclosed to the public. It’s worth noting that she faced challenges during her high school years. These difficulties ultimately led to her decision to discontinue her education after repeating her sophomore year. Subsequently, she embarked on a path that involved various manual jobs to sustain herself.

Is Tulip Victoria Khaury Currently Married?

Tulip Victoria Khaury has maintained a remarkably private stance when it comes to her personal life. In a news article back to 1995, Victoria Lombardi, Tulip’s mother, participated in an interview where she shared some intriguing insights. During this conversation, Victoria disclosed that her daughter, who was 23 years old at the time, had already tied the knot.

For a long time, many people remained curious about whether she was married or not as her marital status was a well-guarded secret. However, it eventually became clear that she had indeed been a wife for an extended period.

A rumor circulated that identified William Ervin Stewart as Tulip’s spouse. Following her marriage to William, she adopted the name Tulip Khaury Stewart. Furthermore, the report suggests that she may have an additional child, expanding her family to three children in total.

Where can you find Tulip Victoria now?

The celebrity daughter has made her home in New Castle, Pennsylvania. She is currently works in the customer services department at a waste management company.

What Is Tulip Victoria’s Net Worth?

Tulip, as a celebrity daughter, living a lavish lifestyle. Although her career background remains undisclosed, she has gathered a net worth of $100,000 through her current work. She consciously avoids social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to safeguard her personal life.

In addition to this, Tiny Tim, her father, is reported to have an estimated net worth of $250,000. Similarly, the late American actor and singer Eddie Fisher left behind a substantial net worth exceeding $30 million upon his death in 2010.

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About Her Father: Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim was a renowned American singer and ukulele player known for his unmistakable falsetto voice. His fascination with music transcended boundaries as he amassed an extensive collection of records and memorabilia spanning various eras and genres. Tiny Tim’s dedication to his craft was evident in his ability to master a range of musical instruments, reflecting his commitment to the world of music and performance.

Tulip Victoria Khaury’s father, Tiny Tim was a renowned American singer and ukulele player.
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Tiny started his musical journey in Greenwich Village bars. Along the way, he showcased his talent at various venues and gatherings under different aliases. Despite his parents’ attempts to dissuade him from pursuing a career in music, he remained resolute in his decision. In 1968, his breakthrough came when he landed a role in the film “You Are What You Eat,” which eventually led to an appearance on the immensely popular television variety show, Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In.

Moreover, he came to stardom in 1968 when his rendition of the classic 1920s hit, “Tiptoe Through the Tulips,” became a sensational success. He graced the screens of both the big and small with appearances on renowned shows like The Tonight Show, Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, and The Monkees.

Tiny Tim’s Death: What Really Happened?

The musician passed away on November 30, 1996, at the age of 64, during a live performance at a charity event in Minneapolis. Tragically, he collapsed on stage while delivering his signature song.Tiny Tim had been grappling with congestive heart failure. Both of these conditions had a significant impact on his overall health and professional pursuits.

Tulip Victoria Khaury father, Tiny Tim with his guitar.
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It’s worth noting that just two months prior to his demise, Tiny Tim had experienced a heart attack while attending a ukulele festival in Massachusetts. Even in his final moments, his deep connection to the ukulele shone through as he was buried with his beloved instrument in his casket. Tim’s demise was due to a heart attack, a leading cause of death in many cases.

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