The Singer Who Can Switch Between Male and Female Voices

The Singer Who Can Switch Between Male and Female Voices

There’s no such a thing as an impossible dream, and Marcelito Pomoy is living proof of that. Despite the difficult and enduring times he faced during his childhood, and the fact that his ability was overlooked by many, Marcelito ultimately overcame all difficulties with his talent and charisma.

Though winning “Pilipinas Got Talent” was only the first step in accomplishing that, he would gain worldwide fame with his performances in “America’s Got Talent”, leaving audiences equally amazed and shocked at hearing his operatic voice and unmatched ability to sing with female and male voices.

Marcelito’s talent is memorable on its own, making it no wonder that there are many people not only interested in his current whereabouts and future problems but also in his life, history, and other professional endeavors.

So who is Marcelito Pomoy? Read on to learn all!

Who Is Marcelito Pomoy?

The words dazzled and impressed wouldn’t be enough to describe the reaction that audiences had at hearing Marcelito Pomoy sing on the stage of the second season of “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” in 2020.

Nonetheless, before setting foot in America, Marcelito was already well known in his native Philippines for his unbelievable talent, which includes switching from a tenor voice to female sounding soprano. That being said, Marcelito’s singing prowess wasn’t the only thing to take audiences by storm, as his sad but incredibly inspiring back story not only gained him the hearts of everyone who came upon it, but also led to him encountering his long-lost family again.

Marcelito’s vocal skills and unmatched charisma won him “Pilipinas Got Talent” in 2011, so quickly becoming a celebrity, and finally turning his long dream of releasing music into a reality.

Years later, Marcelito debuted in “The Champions” and took the American audiences by surprise, but despite not winning that competition, it wasn’t the end for Marcelito. From then on, he turned into an international singing sensation by touring the US and expanding his reach to other Asian countries besides the Philippines.

All in all, Marcelito is one of the most impressive talents to ever come out of the Got Talent franchise, but he’s also worked hard to be where is today.

His Current Projects & Life

Thanks to his unbelievable talent and hard-working ethic, Marcelito Pomoy has remained relevant in the music industry by making constant appearances in TV shows, staging live concerts, and joining charity events.

As seen on his social media accounts, Marcelito has been very busy headlining shows both in Asia and the US, on top of taking care of his Philippines-based businesses. As well, in April 2023, Marcelito was awarded a Metro Excellence Leadership Award in the category of Outstanding Male Performer of the Year. This recognition came only a couple of months after receiving a 2022 Asia Music Icon Award for his excellence as a world-class Filipino artist.


Posted by Marcelito Pomoy on Thursday, January 19, 2023

While Marcelito’s recent career accomplishments are great on his own, in early 2023 he faced some mildly serious health issues when he was diagnosed with kidney stones. Though the condition isn’t serious and he was undergoing a non-invasive treatment to cure it, ill-intended assumptions about his health were soon to be spread before he revealed the entire truth to his followers, asking them not to ‘believe fake news’ through a Facebook post.

Overall, everything seems to be going great with Marcelito’s life, as seen in the regular updates about his family, vacations, and everyday life that he shares on social media.


Though Marcelito Pomoy nowadays enjoys international fame and the recognition of his fellow singers and musicians, the years before he rose to popularity weren’t pleasant at all.

As Marcelito has revealed since his beginnings, his early life in the province of Cavite was full of enduring situations such as the abandonment by his parents and poverty. At only six months old, his mother abandoned him and his three older siblings to his father, who had been incarcerated not long before. Having no other place to go, Marcelito and his siblings lived in their father’s prison cell. and for some time struggled to feed themselves. The grueling situation came to an end when a police officer adopted Marcelito and his siblings, finally allowing them to find shelter and a family for some time.

With barely any memories of his early childhood, years later Marcelito left his adopted family to look for his real father, but the son and father encounter didn’t last long, as the man already had a new family with whom Marcelito didn’t quite get along.

Taking once again another hard decision at an early age, a teenage Marcelito left his father’s home and sustained himself with several odd jobs, going from selling local farm products to working at a bawling shop.

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Rise To Fame

Although Marcelito Pomoy’s situation still wasn’t the easiest one, the young man found solace in singing for himself. It was during the time he worked at a poultry farm that Marcelito passed from having chickens as his first audience to attracting the attention of his co-workers, who complimented his skills despite Marcelito’s disbelief about having an uncommon ability.

While Marcelito was convinced that everyone could sing, he eventually tried his luck when he entered several local competitions, regardless of the fact that he didn’t always have any luck. His first TV appearance was in the local talent show “Talentadong Pinoy”, and he didn’t make it to the end, but the experience inspired him to audition for “Pilipinas Got Talent” at 25 years old.

It didn’t take long for Marcelito to equally captivate and surprise “Pilipinas Got Talent” audiences, securing a spot in the semifinals after receiving standing ovations and approval from the judges. His following performances in the show only served to cement his popularity, and spread the word about his talent, eventually winning not only the competition but also being able to reconnect with his mother through the show.

Marcelito’s prizes from the competition included two million Philippine pesos, and the release of his debut album “Duet Yourself” in 2011.

Career & “America’s Got Talent”

During his time in “Pilipinas Got Talent”, Marcelito Pomoy sang the English-Italian song “The Prayer” by Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion. That one performance led to his win, and also encouraged him to incorporate female and male voices further into his repertoire.

After a couple of years touring the Philippines and enjoying the newly found fame that his victory brought him, in 2013 Marcelito released his second album “Split” under the label Star Records. Nonetheless, at that point, he felt his career had stagnated and he didn’t release any further albums.

However, in 2018, one of his performances at the local radio station Metro Manila became viral, attracting the attention of Ellen DeGeneres, who quickly invited him onto her show. That one appearance opened many opportunities for Marcelito, who despite being skeptical about joining “America’s Got Talent” for his fear of losing, in 2019 auditioned with the song “The Prayer”, instantly gaining standing ovations from American audiences.

Marcelito’s following performances in the show were all female and male duets, such as “Time to Say Goodbye” by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman, and “Beauty and the Beast” by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson. In the end, he was placed fourth in the overall competition, but the mark Marcelito left in the show is unerasable.

Business and Charity

Using the money from his “Pilipinas Got Talent” prize, in 2012 Marcelito Pomoy started his business in the province of Rizal. Named Pomoy’s Commercial Hardware, his small company expanded quickly, and a second location was opened in 2013.

Despite his status as an international celebrity, Marcelito and his family manage the business themselves, and also pay lots of attention to the needs of their workers. As seen in early 2023, Marcelito started a basketball team with his employees, joining them in local championships in which they faced teams from other businesses. This project was started by Marcelito following his own experience as a former hard-working employee, insisting it could help them to motivate themselves, and make the work environment an ‘enjoyable one’.

Knowing how difficult it is to grow from the ground, Marcelito also supports local charities and people in need, even going as far as entirely building houses for elderly people in his community, undoubtedly changing their life forever.

Personal Life & Future Projects

Although Marcelito Pomoy’s early life was an enduring one, these days he’s not only proud about reconnecting with his family, but also creating one of his own. In 2014, Marcelito tied the knot with his girlfriend Joan Paraiso, with whom he welcomed daughters Marcella Janiah in 2015, and Marchesa Janoah in 2022.

Regarding his mother and siblings, Marcelito is in contact with them, even sharing their special moments together through social media, such as the birthday of his mother Anecita in April 2023.

What does the future have in store for Marcelito professionally? It seems that Marcelito’s career schedule will keep him quite busy for a while with international shows. He’s also constantly uploading videos of his most recent performances onto his YouTube channel, gaining quite a huge audience on the platform with over 400,000 subscribers to date.

All in all, from Marcelito’s humble beginnings and the difficult times he and his siblings endured, to being adopted and joining the workforce at a young age, before finally becoming a recognized singer, there’s a lot to learn from Marcelito’s inspiring story.

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