What Is Jeremiah Raber From “Return To Amish” Doing Now?

What Is Jeremiah Raber From “Return To Amish” Doing Now?

“Return To Amish” is an American reality television series, a spin-off and continuation of the original series, “Breaking Amish”, and documents the lives of several formerly Amish people as they journey back to their hometowns and attempt to rejoin the Amish communities.

Unfortunately, throughout the series, the stars make choices and come across problems that prevent them from achieving their goals, and as such, they mostly remain shunned by their former communities.

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The series has aired now for six seasons, with a seventh season promised to air in March of 2023, and continues to follow the journey of numerous stars, including Abe Schmucker, his wife Rebecca, Jeremiah Raber and his wife Carmela, and numerous other hopefuls trying to rejoin the Amish community.

During the show’s fifth season, a number of new faces joined the cast, while old stars and familiar favourites took time away from the camera. As such, many have been wondering what has happened with some members of the cast. In particular, people have been wondering what Jeremiah has been up to, and if he will return for the seventh season.

With so much interest in Raber going around, we took it upon ourselves to check in on the former Amish believer hoping to rejoin his old community, to see what he’s doing now, and what he’s planned for the future.

What to Expect

As we take a look at Jeremiah today, we will briefly dive into his personal life and how things have been for him in regard to his tumultuous relationship with his wife Rebecca. We will also be looking at what he currently does for a living, and also at a recent medical scare he suffered in 2022.

Following this we will address the possibility of his return to the show, and if true, what to expect from him in the new season.

Jeremiah’s Dark Secret

It might come as a surprise to some, considering that the stars of “Breaking Amish” and “Back To Amish” chose a lifestyle that shunned technology, that many of the stars, including Jeremiah, manga an online profile and even use social media apps like Instagram and Facebook.

Of course, most of it is with due purpose, which is mostly to keep fans and viewers informed about what’s happening in the show, but for Jeremiah and some others, social media holds more purposes.

In fact, it was on social media, specifically Facebook, that Jeremiah first met his wife, Carmela Mendez. The couple texted over Facebook for the initial three months of their relationship, before deciding to meet in person.

After dating for a short while, Jeremiah and Carmela tied the knot in 2016, but unfortunately things between them haven’t always been wine and roses. Within the first year of their marriage, rumours of their separation already began circulating. However, after a brief time apart in 2017, the couple set their differences aside and reconciled for what would seem to be the longevity of their relationship.

Neither Carmela nor Jeremiah provided any reason to the public for their separation in 2017, but as would become evident in 2022, Jeremiah seems to be harbouring dark secrets about his behaviour within the relationship.

According to a recent report that surfaced in March of 2022, Carmela filed a restraining order against Jeremiah, claiming that he threatened her on multiple occasions, and at one point even physically harmed her. According to the reports, Jeremiah’s threats included telling Carmela that if she didn’t stop her nonsense, he was going to knock her out. Allegedly, Jeremiah also threatened to put her six feet under if she didn’t change her behaviour.

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However, according to Jeremiah, these claims were laid against him back in 2017, and he remains adamant that he changed who he once was, and that he no longer acts like he once did. According to the “Return To Amish” star, Carmela only filed a restraining order against him so she could throw him out of the house, and complained about how easily people keep themselves blind to the changes a person could go through.

Regardless of what has been written about the couple in the tabloids, according to their social media presence, they still seem to be in a relationship, and continue to work together. For the time being, it is hard to tell what’s going on between the two, but it’s safe to say that there seems to be trouble in paradise.

Jeremiah’s Official Job

Besides being the star of a reality television series of considerable popularity, Jeremiah maintains a day job, and is something he learned to do from co-star Abe Scmucker’s mother, Mary Schmucker, to do which Jeremiah relies on social media, which one would think is against Amish tradition.

Regardless, if being a reality television star stops paying the bills, Jeremiah could at least be certain that he has a future selling Tupperware on Facebook. This seems to be Jeremiah’s only official job, and he often gains assistance from his wife Carmela, and by the looks of it, they seem to be making enough money to consider it a living.

Jeremiah’s Health Scare

It might not be any secret to his most dedicated fans, as the ordeal was fully publicised on his social media presence, but in April of 2022, Jeremiah was taken into observation at a local hospital’s Intensive Care Unit after suffering a diabetic episode.

According to Jeremiah’s account of the ordeal, as he posted about it on Facebook, he was kept under observation for a night, until doctors were satisfied with his blood sugar levels, and moved him to another room – unfortunately, the hospital was fully booked, and they kept him in ICU for another night.

Out of frustration from being stuck in bed, Jeremiah decided on the third day to check himself out of the hospital against medical advice, and returned home. This happened only a month after Carmela filed a restraining order, and it seemed as if the poor man simply couldn’t catch a break.

Will Jeremiah Return For The Seventh Season?

The simple answer is yes, Jeremiah will be returning for the seventh season of “Return To Amish”, and according to a recent Facebook post by the reality star, he confirmed that filming was already completed.

Unfortunately, he didn’t share any spoilers and so no one knows what to expect from the new season. In that case, it would be best to tune in to the latest episodes and see for oneself.


With the latest season of “Return To Amish” already airing, it is safe to say that Jeremiah Raber isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but if reality television doesn’t quite pay out for him, he could always continue selling Tupperware on social media. Let’s just hope that with this new season, Jeremiah and Carmela can work out their differences.

If this kind of reality television drama is your preferred form of entertainment, then feel free to catch up on the latest episodes of “Return To Amish”, and you can take an in-depth look at the lives of people hoping to return to their former Amish lifestyles, such as Jeremiah Raber.

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