What is Myspace Founder Tom Anderson Net Worth?

Tom Anderson sold Myspace in 2005 for $580 million. Source: Wealthypersons
Tom Anderson sold Myspace in 2005 for $580 million. Source: Wealthypersons
Born Name Thomas Anderson
Birth Place Santa Monica, California
Height 6 feet
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Entrepreneur
Net Worth $60 million
Weight 78 k.g
Age 49 years old
Parents Ernie Anderson

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In today’s world of digitalization, almost everyone knows the social networking platform of Myspace, but only a few know the mind behind it. The American entrepreneur, Thomas Anderson, is the co-founder of the multi-billionaire company alongside Chris DeWolfe

Everyone knows the story of what happened to the McDonald brothers, so Tom suffered the same fate as he no longer is with MySpace. Despite that, people still identify him as Tom from Myspace. Thus, today we bring you all the close details regarding the personal life and net worth of the Myspace founder. 

How much is Myspace’s Tom Anderson’s Net Worth?

Tom Anderson, today is retired from any professional service. Although, the former entrepreneur is a millionaire in terms of net worth. Tom from Myspace, his identity to date, owns a whopping net worth of $60 million at the current date.

The wealthy business tycoon founded the social networking site, Myspace, in 2003. However, he sold the company to News Corp for a staggering $580 million. Ever since the value of the firm was on a decline as Rupert Murdoch‘s company sold it to an online advertising company for a shocking $35 million in 2011.

Chris DeWolfe, fellow co-founder of Myspace, on the contrary, accumulates a net worth of $50 million.

Tom Anderson: The Genius Behind MySpace

Once a product tester and copywriter, Tom Anderson enjoyed his breakthrough when he founded Myspace in August 2003. Initially, he started the site in response to Friendster’s policy of blocking accounts that didn’t use real names. Myspace slowly became a household name for the internet world, even popular than Facebook during that time. 

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Tom was quite popular among the Myspace users since he default was the first friend of every user in the interface. Surprisingly, the site created history by becoming the world’s most visited site on the web in 2006, ahead of Google, Yahoo, and Amazon.

Anderson as President of Myspace with Less Authority

Anderson and co-founder DeWolfe took a internet-shaking decision in 2005 to sell the firm they made. Even though Anderson sold his firm to News Corp, the latter organization realized the expertise he held. Consequently, they made him the President of Myspace. 

The titles meant less for the Myspace founder as he experienced relatively lower authority on his part. Once the head of the social media site, Anderson felt unhappy with his lack of jurisdiction. 

Before the acquisition, I could do whatever I wanted. Now I could do whatever I wanted. Now it takes more time to get people to agree on things. But, it’s not stopping us.

Anderson after selling Myspace

The father of Myspace slowly became an unwanted figure inside the Newscorp’s world. According to one of the anonymous executives, Tom was a bottleneck on getting things done. Eventually, the company replaced Tom as the president in 2009. Similarly, he was no longer the default friend on the platform since 2010. Funnily, the new default friend was ‘Today On Myspace.’

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Maybe removing Anderson was one of the reasons behind the downfall of one of the promising social media sites. Only God knows that perhaps Myspace could have outperformed the likes of Facebook and Twitter today if it weren’t for that move. 

What after Myspace? 

Tom from Myspace was no longer viable to use that identity. Following his tenure at his foundation, he announced to join RocketFrog Interactive in May 2012. The Los Angeles based organization was responsible for creating the Facebook application. Courtesy, to his expertise and experience, Anderson’s role in the 16-person company, was as an advisor. 

In an interview scheduled in September 2014, the multi-millionaire revealed that he wasn’t advising the firm in any form possible. 

Today, his social media bio introduces him as a former first Myspace friend. Therefore, where is the 49-year-old now, and what are his plans heading into the future? Let’s find out.

What is Myspace Founder Tom Anderson Doing Now? 

Tom from Myspace retired from the corporate world after his short advisory stint with RocketFrog Interactive. He wrote a new biography on Instagram as ‘enjoying retired life!

Anderson Followed his Heart in Photography

The multi-millionaire currently works in his second hobby of Photography. Interestingly, this passion takes him to beautiful places like Oahu, Singapore, and the Philippines. In an interview, he said that he has already traveled to more than 40 countries clicking photographs. 

YouTube: An interview with founder of Myspace Tom Anderson.

Anderson previously went to the 2011 Burning Man festival of Photography, which led him to explore his passion in the field. Similarly, he also thanked fellow photographer Trey Ratcliff for helping him learn and develop skills in clicking pictures.

The charismatic personality resides in beautiful Hawaii with a lavish lifestyle. Thus, Tom from Myspace, through his well-accomplished success and net worth lives a life that millions can only dream of. 

Tom Anderson Hit Back at Facebook

Recently, the Myspace co-founder is trending in media with his decision to sell the company as a brilliant decision. Since he sold the company in 2005 for a enormous wealth value of $580 million, people believe that he made a right decision at the right time in the competitive world. 

When former competitor, Facebook fell into the controversy of a data breach in 2018, the Myspace founder couldn’t stop himself from commenting and troll Mark Zuckerberg‘s creation.

The former Myspace president retweeted a cartoon aimed at Facebook following its data violation, which had a hashtag of DeleteFacebook. Interestingly, the picture portrayed Tom Anderson as Star Wars Jedi-Master Obi-Wa Kenobi, being the only hope in the social media world. 

Tom Anderson Featured in A Film

The ex-president of Myspace appeared in an American dark comedy film, Funny People in 2009. Although he had a cameo role as himself, fans loved him in the movie. 

In the movie, he shared the cast alongside lead actors, Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, and Eric Bana. Furthermore, the film bagged a spectacular income of $71.6 million at the global box-office.

Anderson’s Past Interests in Music and Architecture

Before founding Myspace, Tom Anderson used to be a professional architect. He loved designing houses and buildings with Blue Heron-design build architecture firm. Impressively, he created five houses in total, which also includes his residence at Los Angeles.

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In his early life, he wanted to be a musician and pursued a career in it. He was also the lead singer of a Swank, a college band with friends. 

The ex-product tester filled in a vacancy ad at XDrive and got the job instantly in 2000. However, the company got bankrupt one year later in 2001. In the same year, he and mate DeWolfe founded their first firm, ResponseBase, a marketing company. Following some time, they sold that company to eUniverse in the fall of 2002.

Anderson was a Hacker

The former default first Myspace friend created his legacy from the old social media giant. But, there is a shocking detail that he was a part of the most massive FBI raids in California history due to unethical hacking. 

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Just at the mere age of 14, Anderson hacked the computer system of Chase Manhattan Bank with a hacker alias Lord Flathead and showed his friends how to do so. Luckily, he was a minor back then, which prevented him from going to jail. But, the FBI surely took all of his computer equipment and placed him on probation. 

Quick Facts: Tom Anderson

  • Even though he left the ties with Myspace in 2009, he still has the same profile picture that he had then and is proud of what he created and sold. 
  • The Myspace founder graduated at the University of California in English and Rhetoric.
  • In 2009, the renowned TIME Magazine put the first Myspace friend, Anderson, in its list of 100 most influential people in the world. 
  • The founder of Myspace’s personal life is quite lowkey and private, but according to sources, he is single.
  • The American personality has about 628 thousand followers in his Instagram handle. 

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