What is Power Duo from ‘America’s Got Talent’ doing now?

What is Power Duo from 'America's Got Talent' doing now?

Besides allowing us to see again some of the most outstanding performers and artists from the US-based show, the spin-off “America’s Got Talent: All-Stars” is also the perfect opportunity to get to know winners or remarkable contestants coming from the show’s franchises all over the world. One of those impressive international acts is Power Duo, a dance couple from the Philippines who conquered not only the hearts of their fellow nationals but also of the American audience with their emotional performance and on-stage chemistry.

Now that the first season of “America’s Got Talent: All-Stars” has already ended in early 2023, it’s impossible not to wonder what the Power Duo is doing after the show, and what their next professional moves will be.

So what’s with the Power Duo nowadays? Stay here to discover all!

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What Are They Doing Now?

The pair known as the Power Duo has been having a great time ever since their appearance in “America’s Got Talent: All-Stars” in early 2023. Regardless of not winning the competition, the duo earned recognition for their complex and passionate choreographies, which placed them in the top 11 of the show’s final ranking, and the fame earned has served the Power Duo well, though. As seen on their Facebook page, the couple formed by Anjanette and Gervin has been independently performing around their native Philippines, on top of making appearances as guests and judges in local events.

As well, in recent times Anjanette has been sharing her song covers through Power Duo’s social media, even confessing that singing is her second love after dancing. Her recent signing venture has been warmly welcomed by her followers and casual music fans alike, who have praised her to no end for it.

All in all, it’s undeniable that the Power Duo has been having a great time since rising to fame, and the best part is that they still have lots of room to grow and gain the further recognition they deserve.

Their Path In The Show

Even though “America’s Got Talent: All-Stars” first season is already over, it’s not too late to remember all the great moments that the Power Duo gave us in it.

Even regardless of a visible mistake committed by Anjanette while grabbing a rope during her aerials part, that wasn’t enough to erase the great impression the Power Duo had on the audience and judges alike. A standing ovation from the live audience was waiting for them after finishing their routine, ensuring they got enough Supervotes to pass to the next phase.

Later in the final, the couple danced to “In The Stars” by Benson Boone and this time got a standing ovation from the judges except for Howie Mandel, but still passing to the following stage of the competition. The season’s finale saw the couple dance to “Crystallize” along with Lindsey Stirling’s live performance, impressing the audience with their joint aerials and acrobatics.

Although the Power Duo was unable to enter the Top 5 finalist ranking, their hard work and emotional choreographies were more than enough to impress audiences around the world, spreading the word about their story and talent in the best way possible.

Who Are The Power Duo?

We are already aware of all the great things that Gervin and Anjanette did on stage of “America’s Got Talent”, but the Power Duo’s history started long before they set foot on the show’s stage.

Native from the province Rizal in the Philippines, the Power Duo had a rough start when they were teamed up together by their dance teacher, but didn’t have the chemistry necessary to make it work, despite not lacking the skills. It wasn’t until their work relationship developed into a friendship that they were finally able to dance and understand each other on stage.

By the time they auditioned in the “Pilipinas Got Talent” fifth season, the audience was not only incredibly impressed by their dancing skills and fearless acrobatics prowess, but also by the strong connection that the Power Duo had with each other. Prompted by inquiries from the judges about their relationship, Gervis confessed his love to Anjanette in front of the cameras.

That wasn’t the end of the surprises on that night, as judge Robin Padilla didn’t hesitate in pressing the golden buzzer to send the Power Duo directly to the semi-finals. Later in the competition, the newly-formed couple gained favoritism from the audience and ultimately took home two million Philippine pesos as the 2016 season’s winners.

Asia’s Got Talent & Other Projects

Following their overwhelming success in “Pilipinas Got Talent”, the Power Duo stepped up to an international stage by debuting in the third season of “Asia’s Got Talent” which aired in 2019.

The Power Duo’s audition in the show consisted of dancing to Christina Aguilera’s “Say Something”, gaining praise from the audience with their impressive performance full of acrobatics and contemporary dance moves. After earning the necessary votes and being praised by the judges for their chemistry and ice skating-alike choreography, the pair went on to perform on “Asia’s Got Talent”s final night, following the tune of “Come What May”, part of the movie’s “Moulin Rouge!” soundtrack. This time they were able to impress both the audiences and judges, but were placed third in the finalist ranking, leaving the winning spot to magician Eric Chien from Taiwan.

Despite not winning the $100,000 prize from the competition, the Power Due didn’t give up, and explored other professional territories by appearing in the local variety show “It’s Showtime!”, performing during one of their futuristic thematic nights. At that point, the Power Duo had gained lots of recognition already, but continued adding new elements to their choreographies, such as complex aerials tricks, as seen during their improved performances in “America’s Got Talent”.

Personal Life & Future

Besides gaining worldwide fame with their amazing performances, the Power Duo has been doing great in their personal endeavors as well. After their on-stage mutual confession in 2016, the pair’s relationship went on strongly before finally tying the knot in a private ceremony held in early 2021. Later that year, Anjanette and Gervin welcomed their first child Javin, of whom they often share videos and pics on social media platforms.

Besides the huge popularity they gained through their participation in Philippines-based and international TV shows, the Power Duo has also steadily gained the hearts of online audiences. To prove that, their official Facebook page has over 200,000 likes and their recently opened TikTok account has 40,000 followers and has gained over 300,000 likes.

Regarding their participation in “America’s Got Talent” in 2023, the Power Duo is content with the work they did in the competition, despite the final results: ‘We’re glad to know we have won the hearts of people in different parts of the world by showcasing Pinoy talent to a global audience’ as Jervin told PhilStarLife.

Does this mean the end of the Power Duo’s path in talent shows? That’s yet to be discovered, but whether they return to TV or stay live performing for their local and international fans, it’s for sure that Anjanette and Gervin have a bright future ahead, by showcasing their talent wherever they go.

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