What to Expect from “Selling Sunset” Season 6

What to Expect from “Selling Sunset” Season 6

“Selling Sunset” is a hit reality TV show that has taken the world by storm since its release on Netflix. Never before has the common viewer been given such unprecedented access to the operations of Hollywood real-estate companies, and with the release of this series, the spending habits of the ultra-rich have been put on full display through splendid cinematography. With season six on the horizon, fans are eagerly awaiting to see what the show has in store.

They are in for a multitude of novelties, as well as conclusions to previous dramas. The fate of The One is set to be determined in the 2023 installment, while two new cast members are preparing to grace the screen. Passionate viewers of the show are brimming with excitement as the next season is rearing its head for a May release.

With the new season of Netflix’s Selling Sunset out now, there may not be a more awaited character than fan favorite,…

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The magic of “Selling Sunset”

Premiering on Netflix in 2019, “Selling Sunset” took the viewers behind the scenes of the cutthroat world of Los Angeles real estate. The series follows a group of glamorous female realtors who work at the prestigious Oppenheim Group, often praised as the most successful agency in the Hollywood Hills and on Sunset Strip.

At its core, this reality TV show is about the relationships and dramas that unfold among the realtors as they compete to sell multi-million-dollar properties to the elite. It mainly showcases the homes, the clients, and the personalities of the realtors who work at the Oppenheim Group. The series has been praised for its stunning cinematography and engaging storyline, which is equal parts drama and real estate. In essence, it’s akin to making Jersey Shore contestants full-time real estate agents.

“Selling Sunset” has featured a diverse cast of realtors over the years, including Chrishell Stause, Christine Quinn, Maya Vander, Heather Rae Young, Davina Potratz, Amanza Smith, Vanessa Villela, and Emma Hernan. The cast members are all accomplished real estate agents in their own right, with years of experience selling some of the most luxurious properties in Los Angeles and California overall.

One of the standout cast members is Mary Fitzgerald – an absolute fan favorite. She’s a top real estate agent who has been in the industry for over 20 years, known for her impeccable taste and her ability to close deals, even in the most challenging of circumstances. Fitzgerald has been with the Oppenheim Group since the day it was founded, and her dedication to the agency and her clients is evident throughout the series.

Another popular cast member is Christine Quinn, who sports a famously sharp tongue coupled with rather bold fashion choices. She’s a skilled real estate agent who isn’t afraid to speak her mind regardless of the consequences, which can sometimes endanger an otherwise simple lucrative deal. She’s been involved in some of the show’s most dramatic storylines, and her unpredictable behavior keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. What she may have lost in deals, she has definitely more than made up for in “Selling Sunset” ratings.

In this woke day and age, the series has been praised by left-leaning media and audiences for its depiction of female empowerment in a rather male-dominated industry. In an attempt to further feed into this trend, the women in the show are shown as strong, independent and successful, challenging the traditional gender roles of real estate agents.

“Selling Sunset” also attempts to tackle important issues such as sexism in the workplace, infertility, and divorce. To achieve this, the overall message of the series is adjusted from episode to episode as necessary, by manipulating the narrative to portray heroes and villains. It’s arguable whether this strategy works out for the project in the long run, as it causes many to find it disingenuous.

That said, the show has been a ratings hit for Netflix regardless, with each season attracting more viewers than the last. The series has been renewed for six seasons, with the latest set to premiere on 19 May 2023. Fans are eagerly anticipating the new season, which promises to be just as dramatic and entertaining as the previous ones.

As is customary in the woke entertainment world, the show has also faced criticism for its lack of diversity and its portrayal of the real estate industry. Some have accused the show of glamorizing the business and perpetuating harmful stereotypes. Others have criticized the alleged lack of representation of people of color and for its failure to address issues such as gentrification and housing affordability.

Diversifying the cast

On the topic of representing other races in the series, it seems that the producers tried their best to avoid being accused of racial preference by some leftists, leading them to eventually introduce an African-American cast member.

The fifth season saw real-estate expert Chelsea Laskani join the regular crew, prompting her to open up in an interview with Vogue. Born in London and raised in Dubai, she moved to Los Angeles in 2012 with the goal of making it in the entertainment industry. After working in production and development for several years, she discovered her true passion for real estate, and began pursuing a career in the field.

While undoubtedly facing numerous obstacles and setbacks, Lazkani persevered and eventually landed a job at The Agency – one of the top real estate firms in Los Angeles. With her sharp business sense, impeccable taste, and eye for design, she quickly made a name for herself in the industry, and became one of the leading agents among her colleagues.

In her new public role in the series, Chelsea hoped to take her career to the next level. As a woman of color and a Muslim in a predominantly white and Christian industry, she hoped to inspire and empower others who may face similar challenges.

Her intention was to ignore the glitz and glamour of the show, and remain focused on her work and her clients. She understands that buying or selling a home is one of the most significant financial transactions a person can make, and she takes that responsibility seriously.

She ended up performing reasonably well in the most recent season, managing to land a contract with the A3 Artists Agency. Meanwhile, the producers of the series seem to be happy with their decision, as it looks to have pacified the formerly rampant accusation of purposely promoting an exclusively Caucasian cast.

What’s new in 2023?

The sixth season is set to be released across 11 episodes that will showcase the team as they sell luxury real estate, and will also introduce two new cast members. As the stakes get increasingly higher with every new installment of the title, it remains to be seen how the ever-changing cast members will manage to adapt to the novelties.

One of the major changes in the new season is the departure of aforementioned Christine Quinn, which saddened many of her fans, while others were quite glad to see her go. The controversial real estate agent will not be appearing in the series for the foreseeable future, and fans will have to wait and see if she ever makes a comeback.

The show’s two new cast members are realtors Nicole Young and Bre Tiesi, who will be joining the Oppenheim Group. Young has been with the company for over a decade, and was originally meant to appear in the very first episodes, while Tiesi is a fresh face to the industry.

The first teaser trailer for the season was released in April 2023, and showcased the remaining cast members dealing with the fallout from The Breakup, which is the group’s split from Jason and Brett Oppenheim.

The sisters, who founded the company, left to start their own firm, and the remaining agents had to decide whether to stay with the Oppenheim Group or join the new venture. According to the trailer, the team is bouncing back from the split, and is focused on selling luxury properties in the Hollywood Hills.

Quinn’s struggle

Christine Quinn recently opened up about her experience in the show in an interview with People magazine. She believes that she never got any listings throughout the show because she wasn’t on the best of terms with her former boss and co-star, Jason Oppenheim, refusing to behave by his expectations.

In the interview, the reality TV star went on to say that she was frustrated with how she was portrayed in the show, claiming that the producers edited her scenes to make her look like a villain. She also expressed disappointment with the way she was treated by her co-stars, accusing them of being fake and manipulative.

Quinn further claimed that fellow cast member Chrishell Stause had received preferential treatment from the boss due to their romantic relationship, thereby accusing the star of having a vapid personality. She said that their friendship had ended due to Stause’s manipulative behavior.

Her grievances notwithstanding, Christine said that she enjoyed her time on the show and that she was grateful for the exposure it gave her. She also expressed hope that the show would continue without her, explaining that she believed it had a strong foundation.

Mary and Amanza’s mess

One of the main storylines in the new season is the ongoing feud between Mary Fitzgerald and Amanza Smith. The two agents have been at odds since the previous season, and their tensions continue to escalate as they compete for clients and sales, though the details of these encounters are yet to be revealed.

While the exact cause of the rift between the two stars is unknown, sources close to the show have suggested that it may be related to their differing approaches to real estate. Fitzgerald, a seasoned realtor, is known for her high-end listings and expertise in the luxury market, while Smith, who joined the Oppenheim Group in the second season, has a background in interior design and a more laid-back approach to the business.

The feud between the two women has reportedly spilled over into their personal lives as well, with tensions running high both on and off camera. In the wake of several alleged fiascos, both Fitzgerald and Smith have remained tight-lipped about the situation, with neither woman publicly acknowledging the rumored falling out.

This is far from the first time that tensions have run high among the cast of “Selling Sunset,” as the show has been known for its dramatic plotlines, with cast members frequently clashing over everything from real estate deals to personal relationships. Mary and Amanza’s unfolding conflict is sure to contribute a great deal to the series’ ratings in the upcoming season.

The fate of The One

Pretty much every fan of “Selling Sunset” has been awe-struck by the imposing abundance of luxury featured in a particular piece of real estate known as The One.  This magnificent property is located in the exclusive Bel-Air neighborhood of Los Angeles, and is currently one of the most expensive homes for sale in the US.

More specifically, it’s a massive 105,000 square foot (9,755 square meter) mansion, which includes 42 bathrooms, 21 bedrooms, a 30-car garage, and even a 10,000 square foot (929 square meter) sky deck. The property was developed by Nile Niami, who is a renowned film producer and real estate developer. The One is valued at an almost unbelievable $350 million.

The mansion has been in the works for over a decade, and was initially listed for sale in 2017 for $500 million, making it the most expensive home for sale in the US at the time. To the detriment of Nile Niami’s big dreams, the property has had trouble finding a buyer, and the price has since been lowered to $350 million.

The One has been featured in “Selling Sunset” multiple times, with the agents from the Oppenheim Group trying to sell the property to potential buyers. The show also featured Niami discussing the property’s features and his vision for it.

The mansion has garnered attention for its unique and extravagant additional features, including a four-lane bowling alley, a nightclub with a DJ booth, and a 50-seat movie theater. The sky deck, aside from its excessive size, also offers a panoramic view of the Los Angeles skyline.

The property remains unsold as of early 2023, and it’s unclear whether it will ever find a buyer willing to pay the hefty price tag. However, since its appearance in the reality TV series has undoubtedly raised its profile even higher, there’s reason to believe that it might actually have found a buyer in season six. If this transaction is to take place, it will be the crowning jewel of the series – stand-by for fireworks!

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