Which Celebrities Have Interesting Hobbies?


Which Celebrities Have Interesting Hobbies?
No wonder celebrities need a break

Most of us have all dreamt about becoming a celebrity, imagining all the glitz and the glamour of being adored and worshipped by legions of your loyal fans. Yet, one thing that is often overlooked, is how tiring it must get for those under the spotlight. Whether they’re a movie star, an elite athlete, or a music maestro, it must be exhausting being in the public eye, and having everyone want a piece of you. That’s why celebrities are so fond of having their downtime and relaxing away from prying eyes. One of the ways they do this is, just like us ‘normal’ people, by indulging in their favourite hobbies.

Here, then, is a quick look at some of the most interesting hobbies that certain celebrities have.

Beyonce Knowles

Bearing in mind that the legend that is Beyonce Knowles is known as Queen Bey, and her swarms of fans are collectively called ‘The Beyhive’, it is incredibly fitting that one of her most beloved past-times is beekeeping. We know it sounds like a bad joke, but the mega-star singer revealed in a Vogue interview last year that she is the proud owner of two beehives. She gladly spoke of how her hives are home to around 80,000 bees, and that she also makes hundreds of jars of honey a year.

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If you wanted to get your hands on one of these jars though, you might be out of luck. This is because the reason why the critically-acclaimed goddess got into the wonderful world of apiculture, is for her two daughters. The nine-year-old Blue Ivy Carter, and the four-year-old Rumi Carter, are swiftly becoming as well known as their mother. Yet, Beyonce relayed that the two suffer from bad allergies, and that honey has countless renowned healing properties that help them as they grow. The crown fits perfectly, then, for this true queen of the beehives.

George Clooney

The movie Ocean’s Eleven came out back in 2001, and had massive commercial and critical success. It starred George Clooney, alongside a whole host of other great actors and actresses, including Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts. The theme of the blockbusting movie was that the character, Danny Ocean, who was played by Clooney, spearheaded a group of career criminals to commit the ultimate heist against three casinos in Las Vegas.

Clooney was outstanding in his role, and was a great fit for the character. Well, that might have something to do with the fact that the guy definitely knows his way around a casino. Clooney has been a huge fan of gambling since his earlier years, and was well known in Hollywood during the nineties for helping to organise huge poker tournaments with fellow actor Tobey Maguire. In fact, these legendary poker games became the basis for the movie Molly’s Game, which was released in 2017.

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Mike Tyson has a real affinity for pigeons
Mike Tyson has a real affinity for pigeons

Mike Tyson

When you think of the name Mike Tyson, the image that is, immediately, conjured in your head is most likely him delivering a knockout blow to his opponent in one of his many victorious boxing bouts. The man was the Heavyweight Champion of the World throughout the nineties and was easily one of the most famous celebrities in the whole world. You might think that because Tyson’s career was built upon inflicting pain and punishment, that his favourite hobby would be equally as intense. Yet, it turns out that the way that Tyson most enjoys winding down and getting away from it all, is by raising homing pigeons.

Apparently, Tyson got into the hobby from a young age, when he used to get bullied as a child in his New York neighbourhood. To escape from this conflict, he would go up to the roofs and interact with the pigeons up there and spend ages around the creatures. This blossomed into a true love and appreciation of the birds, and nowadays Tyson spends an obscene amount of money on his pet pigeons.

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