Who is Christine Brown’s new boyfriend David Woolley?

Who is Christine Brown's new boyfriend David Woolley?

In November 2021, Christine Brown shocked “Sister Wives” fans when she announced her split from Kody Brown. The move threatened the foundation and premise of the show by starting an exodus of two of her fellow sister wives from their polygamous marriages in the two years that followed, leaving their ex-husband in a monogamous relationship and marriage. While the fans were shocked at Christine’s decision to walk out on her marriage of 25 years, they wished her well in the future, and joined her former sister wife and friend Janelle in hoping Christine would find love again. This  finally came true earlier this year of 2023, when Christine introduced her new boyfriend to her fans and followers. Here is everything we know about him.

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Christine and Kody

Christine was 21 years old when she married 25-year-old Kody Brown in 1994. At the time, Kody had two other wives, Meri and Janelle, but was having problems with both. In Christine, Kody found a woman with whom he could have an easy relationship, according to “Sister Wives” fans.  Christine and Kody went on to have six children Aspyn, Mykelti, Paedon, Gwendlyn, Ysabel and Truly, their last born in April 2010. Christine became a grandmother in 2021, when her second-born daughter, Mykelti, gave birth to a daughter. After her split from Kody, Christine moved to Utah to be close to her daughter and granddaughter.

The former sister wife’s decision to marry a man who was already married to two other women may seem bizarre to most people, but was on her checklist for the things she sought in a partner. Having grown up in a polygamous family, Christine had always wanted to marry into a similar family, to enjoy the reltionship of having sister wives. In an episode of “Sister Wives” in 2010, she revealed that she wanted to have sister wives more than she wanted a husband,  and in the same candid tell-all session, revealed that she was particularly drawn to Kody’s family because he had two wives at the time. She had always hoped to become the third wife in a polygamous family, arguing that being a third wife is the easiest position in a plural marriage, since the first wife would technically be in a monogamous marriage for some time, and the second wife drive a wedge between the husband and his first wife.

Christine’s dream of an easy relationship with Kody lasted until 2010, when she lost her position as Kody’s last sister wife to Robyn. In the typical candor that her fans know and love her for, Christine was vocal about her skepticism over the addition of another wife to the family. Eventually, her worries materialized – it all started when she and Janelle noted that Kody had established a pattern of poor decision-makin,. that impacted the family negatively, but that he lso started to show blatant favoritism toward his fourth wife, Robyn, who was now his legal wife, after he’d convinced Meri to divorce him and marry him spiritually, allowing him to adopt Robyn’s three children from  previous marriage. Fans noted that he spent most of his time with his newest wife and neglected the rest, that he treated Meri, Janelle and Christine poorly, but doted on Robyn.

Whilst Christine’s dream of enjoying marital bliss as a third wife was disintegrating, her other dream of having a good relationship with her sister wives was coming to fruition. She enjoyed a good relationship with Janelle, which has remained solid despite their respective splits from their mutual husband. However, her relationship with her other sister wives, particularly Robyn, is strained after Robyn accused Christine of destroying the Brown family, faking happiness and fulfillment during her marriage to Kody, and lying that Kody and Robyn were having trouble in their relationship. 


After 25 years of marriage and six children, Christine announced her decision to walk out of her plural marriage with Kody, Meri, Janelle and Robyn. She made the bold decision after years of feeling Insignificant in the marriage since her opinion was often ignored when making major decisions affecting the family. Furthermore, Kody confessed that his attraction towards her had waned over time, prompting her to resolve to stop fighting for their relationship. The last straw for Christine came in 2020, when daughter Ysabel was unwell and needed surgery. When called upon to be there for his daughter, Kody refused to join Christine and other members of the family who traveled to New Jersey for Ysabel’s surgery – Christine announced her split from Kody the following year. Christine considers herself fully divorced from him, despite Robyn questioning the legitimacy of her claims that she is divorced since she didn’t follow their religion’s divorce process.

Testing the Dating Waters

Shortly after leaving Kody, Christine announced her desire to find love again, in her revelation that she would like to go on dates and have a romantic partner. Her lastborn daughter was against the idea at the time, and wished things would remain as they were. Following Truely’s reservations over her mother dating again, Christine left the possibility of finding love to fate, but insisted that when she entertained love in the future, the relationship she sought would be monogamous. Christine’s resolve to let fate take control of her dating life did not last long. A year after expressing her hopes fo findig a romantic partner, and sharing her daughter’s reservations, she took to Instagram to ask her fans and followers for tips on navigating online dating, in a post in which she declared online dating crazy, implying that she’d turned to dating apps to find love.

David Woolley

The gods of fate smiled down upon Christine and brought her love. She made the big announcement that she’d found the romantic partner of her dreams early in 2023. In her announcement, Christine gushed over her new man, praising him for being romantic and wonderful, and declaring that he’s everything she desired in a man. Ever the considerate mother, Christine was quick to add that her new man is incredible with her daughter, Truely, who had reservations.  Christine teased that she would post some pictures of the mystery man, but added that she would keep his identity hidden for a little while.

Immediately after Christine’s announcement, eager and impatient fans rushed to her past posts in an attempt to uncover the identity of the mystery man. Eagle-eyed followers spotted a man in the background of one of her videos and jumped to the conclusion that his name is David Wooley, and that he’s Christine’s new boyfriend. A few days later, on Valentine’s Day, Christine confirmed her fans’ speculations, when she officially introduced David Woolley to the world as her boyfriend.

David lives half an hour away from Christine’s duplex in Utah, but grew up in San Diego, California. He’s a business person who owns and runs a construction company. Like Christine, David Woolley was married, but unfortunately his wife Margaret, passed away in 2012. Her death was controversial; ccording to the police report, Margaret died in a hotel room in Utah from an overdose of a substance that wasn’t revealed to the public. Before her death, she sent David a text message and left him a note, the content of which remains a mystery to the public. The authorities ruled out any possibility of foul play in her death, and that it was suicide.

David hadn’t dated publicly since his wife’s controversial death, but appears to be besotted with Christine and has shared pictures of the two of them all over his social media. He captioned one picture with a reference to Christine as his queen, saying that she’s perfect, and admitting that he’s never experienced their kind of love before. David and Margaret had eight children, who he’s been raising by himself.

Christine Brown has found true love. ❤️ Read the full story: peoplem.ag/3lwvPUt | 📷: Instagram

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Christine is equally besotted with David. Since she revealed his identity and made their relationship public, she’s documented her and David’s special moments, and continues to share details of her whirlwind romance with her fans, includig a cute video of the two of them dancing in a kitchen, and a picture of the two of them on a couple’s date night. Christine and David have met each other’s children, who are all supportive of their parents’ relationship, except Paedon, who feels that his mother is moving too fast. Kody shares his son’s sentiments, particularly now that Christine has announced that she’s ready to spend the rest of her life with David, and would say yes if he proposed.

“Sister Wives” Spin-Off

David’s past hasn’t prevented Christine from enjoying every minute of her budding romance with the father of eight. She recently shared her joy over having a partner with whom she could go on adventures and explore the world, an experience she didn’t have with Kody, who split his time among four wives. Fans were quick to note that she’s finally bein,g loved and treated right. Fans have a lot to look forward to in the 18th season of “Sister Wives” after Christine announced that David had agreed to appear in the show.  Christine and Janelle are also in talks with TLC over a spin-off that will focus on their lives after leaving Kody; more family members have expressed interest in becoming part of such  spin-off. For now, we can look forward to knowing David better, when the new season of “Sister Wives” premiers in September 2023.

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