Who is Miki Yim – Meet Sung Kang Wife Who is a Fashion Designer

About Sung Kang Wife Miki Yim

Sung Kang, the popular South Korean-American actor well recognized for his major role as Han Lue in the Fast & Furious franchise, has been on the headlines as fans are getting more curious about his personal life, his dating life like who he’s dating, who he loves and more. 

Keeping a lowkey lifestyle, Kang never had revealed if he had ever married or dated anyone until a name rose on social media sites claiming it to be his wife. Well, now after months of rumors, it turned out to be the truth that Kang is married to his beautiful South Korean wife, Miki Yim for several years now. 

With the news now many fans are curious about who Miki Yim is, where’s she from, what she does, and everything. 

About Sung Kang Wife Miki Yim

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Everything you need to know about Sung Kang Wife Miki Yim

1. Miki Yim and Sung Kang met while they were in high school back in 1992. 

The Korean couple was destined to be together as their first meet was way back when they were in their high school in 1992. They shortly after got connected and began dating for almost 7 years. They managed to keep their relationship quite a secret not hampering Kang’s career at all. 

2. They got married after 22 years of dating…like what? They remained silent and secretive for more than two decades. 

It may sound quite interesting but more romantic to know that our favorite actor, Sung Kang married his high school sweetheart after meeting her while in his teenage, living together throughout their adulthood, and now promised to be together forever. 

Yim walked down the aisle and made a vow with Kang on July 8, 2014, in a small private wedding. Since then the couple has been married for over 7 years now. 

3. Miki Yim looked like a princess with her prince charming, Kang at the wedding. 

Who doesn’t want a wedding like in a fairy tale? It sounded fair when Yim walked down the aisle wearing her white Christian floor-length wedding gown, with a beautiful necklace on her neck with a small crown on her styled hair. 

No comparison but the groom didn’t get faded out as he was looking as handsome as hell in a custom-made black tuxedo, trying up with a black, white check tie, and white blazer. 

4. Though being together, they don’t have any children. 

Being more focused on their career, the couple doesn’t have any children to date. Back in 2009, there were controversies about whether if Yim and Kang are hiding their children from the public and media. 

The rumor spread after Kang spotted two kids at the Bangkok International film festival the same year in September. However, it was false after Kang himself denied the rumors. 

5. Miki Yim is a Fashion Designer and loves her profession. 

Growing up, she loved to try new and different fashion styles every time. Her career started in the fashion field in the year 1991 when she worked in customer service for a travel department company, JTB Hawaii.

She worked as a supervisor, also as a store manager for several years until her breakthrough when she started working as the general manager in 2013. Looking back to all of her efforts, she has become one of the prominent faces in the world of fashion. 

6. She has worked with highly reputed clothing brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada. 

In 1995, she joined the popular fashion brand Chanel as a sales associate. Just 4 years later, she worked as a supervisor for the Louis Vuitton Supervisor Product Specialist in Honolulu, Hawaii in February 1999 where she worked for almost 6 years. 

She then worked at a cosmetic brand, Sephora as an assistant manager and even became part of the Coco Chanel team. Currently, she is working in the world’s leading fashion brand including Prada.

7. She is a South Korean fashion influencer and can speak in multi-languages; English, Korean, French, and Japanese.

Born and raised in South Korea, Yim grew up with the influence of her Korean culture and ethics. She completed her schooling at a local school following which she joined Meiji Gakuin University from where she got graduated earning a Bachelor’s degree with a major in English Language Arts. 

Apart from her tongue Korean language, she has proficiency in three other international languages which are English, French, and Japanese.

8. She is also a philanthropist and has been involved in charity works. 

Since 2018, she has regularly volunteered for a non-profit organization, Humane Society selflessly. She is reported to donate some amount of her income to several non-profit organizations as well. 

Besides, she is an honorable member of the Meiji Gakuin University Alumni group where she also donates some part of her income. 

9. She along with her husband Sung owned a restaurant in Saketini, in Brentwood, Los Angeles, California.

The couple has not only supported each other but also have worked together in business endeavors, including establishing the restaurant Saketini located in Brentwood, Los Angeles, California. They were often spotted in the restaurant, however, the business eventually closed down in 2013.

10. She isn’t active on any social media sites. 

One of the reasons why there is very short information about Yim and her family is also because of her absence from social media platforms. From all the research, it was found that she doesn’t have accounts on any of the major social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

She prefers to keep her life away from the spotlight of her husband who is a popular actor in Hollywood, which is quite common for many celebrity linked spouses, especially those who don’t have any career in the entertainment industry.

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