Will there be a 7th season of “Iron Resurrection”? What’s happened?

Will there be a 7th season of “Iron Resurrection”? What’s happened?

Since its debut in 2016 on the Velocity Channel, “Iron Resurrection” has been a popular reality TV show among automotive enthusiasts and reality TV fans alike with its unique blend of automotive restoration and creative storytelling. The show features Joe Martin, his wife Amanda and his team at Martin Bros Customs, who transform rusted old cars into beautiful, high-performance machines. Over the years, the show has gained a dedicated fan following, eagerly anticipating news of its next season. However, after a great sixth season which aired in September of 2022, fans were left wondering if there will be a season seven. So, what exactly’s happened?

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What is “Iron Resurrection”?

Each episode follows the team as they take on a new project, tackling everything from vintage hot rods to classic muscle cars.

One of the unique aspects of “Iron Resurrection” is its focus on the creative process of car restoration. Rather than simply showcasing the finished product, the show takes viewers behind the scenes to see the meticulous work that goes into each build. From custom paint jobs to handcrafted upholstery, the team at Martin Bros Customs takes pride in every detail of their work, and the show does an excellent job of highlighting their craftsmanship.

In addition, the series features the Martin Bros Customs team interacting with clients and sharing the stories behind each vehicle. These personal narratives add depth and emotional resonance to the show, making it more than just a simple car restoration program.


Here’s a closer look at some of the key members of the Iron Resurrection cast:

The founder of Martin Bros Customs, Joe Martin is the heart and soul of “Iron Resurrection”. With over 25 years of experience in the automotive industry, Joe is a master fabricator and painter who can transform even the most beat-up car into a stunning work of art. His passion for cars and commitment to quality workmanship make him a fan favorite on the show.

Joe’s wife Amanda is an artist and designer who brings a creative touch to the restoration process. She oversees the upholstery and interior redesign of each vehicle, ensuring that every detail is perfect. Amanda also helps with client interactions, and adds a personal touch to each build.

Jayson “Shag” Arrington is the lead mechanic in “Iron Resurrection” and a skilled engineer. With his extensive knowledge of mechanics and his attention to detail, Shag is a crucial member of the team. He’s also known for his sense of humor and infectious personality, which make him beloved by both other cast members and fans.

Joe’s brother Jason Martin is a master metal fabricator and painter. With his years of experience in the automotive industry, Jason is a key player on the show and helps bring some of the most complex builds to life.

Some cast members left the show in Season 4

When Season 4 of “Iron Resurrection” premiered in 2019, the fans were surprised by some of the changes in the cast – several including Pompa, Shorty, Manny, and Cato, mysteriously left the show. Their departure was unexpected, and there was no official explanation from the producers regarding their departure. However, it was revealed in the end that their departure was mostly due to personal reasons, such as family-related issues.

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Their departure may have had an impact on the show’s dynamics, and some fans speculated that it may have played a role in the show’s subsequent ratings decline. Nonetheless, the show has continued to garner a dedicated fan base, and has received praise for its unique take on automotive restoration. The remaining cast members have continued to deliver high-quality restorations, and new members have been added to the team to keep the show fresh and exciting.

What we know about Season 7

While Season 6 of “Iron Resurrection” was also delayed, when it finally aired it didn’t leave the fans disappointed, and received great reviews, with viewers praising the team for their impressive automotive restorations and exciting challenges. The show has seen a rise in its ratings, to 7.8 stars on IMDb, which perfectly demonstrates the loyalty of “Iron Resurrection” fans, and their love for the show.

Given the shows success over its six seasons, it is very likely that the show will return for another season before the end of 2023. However, there is still no official announcement from either Velocity or the “Iron Resurrection” production team regarding the next season. All fans can do now is sit and wait.

Automotive restoration is a labor-intensive process that requires a lot of time and work. This can in turn contribute to the long waiting times between seasons of shows such as “Iron Resurrection” – the team at Martin Bros Customs often takes on complex and challenging restorations that require even more time and effort. They pay close attention to details and want every car that comes out of their shop to be perfect, focusing on quality rather than quantity, which doesn’t happen over-night.


The highly anticipated 7th season of Iron Resurrection promises to deliver the same high-quality automotive restorations and exciting challenges that fans have come to love. With a talented team at Martin Bros Customs and a commitment to excellence, viewers can expect nothing less than the best. While the wait for the new season may be long, fans can rest assured that the team is working hard to ensure that it meets, even exceeds their expectations.

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