Rob Gronkowski Net Worth, Salary Earnings, Brand Endorsements & Cars

Rob Gronkowski Net Worth, Salary Earnings, Brand Endorsements & Cars
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Posted By: joy root | December 14, 2018

Rob Gronkowski Introduction:-

Rob Gronkowski is one of the best and well known NFL player of the era. Sports celebrities are being widely gaining popularity with the increase in the advancement of media and technology. You can view almost any sporting event from the comfort of your home. People now have an interest in more than one sport. Here the article below ”Rob Gronkowski Net Worth” especially concerns with all the factors related to the net worth of Rob Gronkowski.

In America, baseball and NFL football are the main sporting events and players that are being idolized by millions of Americans inside the country and across the globe. These players keep the fans on their toes with their marvelous athletic abilities. All of this is highly appreciating by their teams who earn billions of dollars through a player’s years on the field, and they reward them accordingly. This has given rise top few of the richest NFL players like Drew Brees and Tom Brady.

Rob Gronkowski Net worth, salary Earnings, Brand Endorsement Fees, Private Investments, House, Car Collection
Rob Gronkowski Net Worth

Rob Gronkowski Net Worth:-

Gronkowski net worth is at an estimating amount of $16 million.

Rob is one of the most decorated players in the New England Patriots NFL team. He is the acting Football Tight End for his team. With his huge height and immense body size, he simply covers the whole battlefront of the field. According to Rob himself, he likes to feel pain and wants to be in the middle of the action of the match. With this philosophy of play, he known as the Gronk, a big buffed up brute that can ram through any team’s defense. This gameplay has not only earned him a lot of respect and appreciation for his team and his opponents but has massively increased his fan base. The fanbase is eager to know about his net worth and details of his earnings beside football. We have prepared a detailed explanation of all this in our following article.

Currently, the estimated net worth of Rob Gronkowski is at $16 million. All of this net worth solely accumulating by him in the course of his years as the member of the major NFL football team. This net worth accumulated by the following means of income and assets.

  • Signing Bonuses
  • Salaries from reteam
  • Brand endorsement fees
  • Private investments
  • Car collection
  • House

The detailed view of all the above stated key points is explained as follows.

Rob Gronkowski Signing Bonus:-

Rob Gronkowski is drafting by New England Patriots in the 2010 NFL draft. He has been part of the team ever since and is quite loyal. The team also appreciated his efforts on field and loyalty and after two years gave him a contract of 6 years extension back in 2012. The total amount of this contract was about $54 million. The contract offered guaranteed earnings of about $13.5 million along with $18 million of partial guarantee. Also, Rob also gave a check for $8 million as the signing bonus. This signing bonus made a foothold in amassing the net worth of the player today.

Rob Gronkowski Net worth, salary Earnings, Brand Endorsement Fees, Private Investments, House, Car Collection
Rob Gronkowski Net Worth

Rob Gronkowski Salary Earnings:-

In addition to signing bonus the contract appropriating to pay him total salary earnings of about $55.8 million dollars in six years period. The yearly salary of 2012 was included in the previous contract. For the more clear view of his yearly salary earnings over the course of 8 years is as follows.

  • Rob made an annual salary income of about $2.6 million in 2012.
  • In 2013 Rob made salary icno0me of about $2.75 million.
  • Rob made a total salary earning of $5.4 million in 2014 including all bonuses and work out fees.
  • In 2015 Rob made a total of $8.65 million Including all bonuses and worked out fees.
  • Rob made a total yearly income of 6.6 million in 2016, in addition to all bonuses like Roster bonus and Work out fees.
  • Rob made total salary earnings of $6.75 million in 2017, added to all the bonuses.
  • In 2018 the number of salary earnings by Rob will be about $11 million after inducing all bonuses.
  • The estimated yearly earnings via Salary will be about $12 million in 2019 including all the bonuses.

Rob Gronkowski Brand Endorsement Fees:-

Rob is known to be a party freak who loves to drink heavily both soft and hard drinks along with partying hard in public places. Due to his nature of a party man he is approached by brands that focus on party items. Many of the sports drink brands and sweets brands have approached him to make appearances for them as their endorser on TV and radio shows.

This has started right after his first permanent deal with New England Patriots in 2012. His first endorsement was for the Dunkin Donuts in 2012 for a deal of 2 years, and he is still under contract with them. The other major endorser is the Premium Sports drink brand by the name of Body armor Super drink. The exact figure of the endorsement fees given by all of his clients is not known, but it is estimating that these brands are paying him a near amount of $1-$2 million annually.

Rob Gronkowski Net worth, salary Earnings, Brand Endorsement Fees, Private Investments, House, Car Collection
Rob Gronkowski Net Worth

Rob Gronkowski Personal Investments:-

Beside the brand endorsements fees and salary earning by Rob, there are still other means the ash taken into consideration for making and securing his money at the same time. Rob although thought to be a brute with no brains is very sensible when it comes to money. According to his one interview, Rob said to reporters that I had invested a huge amount of my salary earnings in the form of Municipal Bonds. These bonds give him steady interest over the years. Other than that he has also invested a total amount of $5 million in various private business ventures. When of the popular business of this is the Body armor Sports Drinks. He is a part investor and also the brand endorser for the brand.

Rob Gronkowski Car collection:-

He is also known to be a sports car lover, and that is evident from his lavish car collection that contains the best of the sports car available on the market today. The net worth of his car collection is about $1 million. The cars included in this collection are as follows.

  • Mercedes AMG-S63
  • Audi R8
  • Audi Q7
  • Bentley Continental GT

Recently Rob also purchased himself a Monster Truck that he always wanted to have but it is primarily limited to area use.


Rob Gronkowski House:-

Gronkowski according to his nature of the party animal has bought the house that suits this nature. In 2012 after finalizing the deal with New England Patriots, Rob bought a luxury mansion in the Tampa Bay. House is one of the most expensive property areas of the city and is a gaming community. The house reputation for being the party house. The house is listing on the market for sale at about $2.8 million. Currently, he is living in a modest Condo near Patriots training Stadium.


In the last seven years net worth of Rob Gronkowski a hike of about 210 percent and it is also estimating that once after signing a new deal with his team it will see another hike at are of 200 percent in five years period.

Rob Gronkowski Net worth, salary Earnings, Brand Endorsement Fees, Private Investments, House, Car Collection
Rob Gronkowski Net Worth

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