Sister of 6 Brothers, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Sister of 6 Brothers, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Who is Odeya Rush?

Odeya is an Israeli-American actress renowned for her versatile performances in film and television. She garnered widespread recognition for her role as Hannah Fairchild in the dystopian film “The Giver” (2014). Additionally, she showcased her talent in the family-friendly adventure “Goosebumps” (2015) and the critically acclaimed coming-of-age film “Lady Bird” (2017), among many other roles she has had during her young but already successful career.

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Odeya Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Odeya Rush was born on 12 May 1997 in Haifa, Israel, into a Jewish family – her father is Shlomo Rushinek, and her mother’s name is Maia Greenfield. She discovered her passion for writing and performing at a young age, and took part in plays in her hometown. When she was nine years old, her family relocated to the United States, specifically Alabama, where her father had a job opportunity as a security consultant. Despite initially knowing only Hebrew, she adapted to her new environment and attended the N. E. Miles Jewish Day School in Birmingham. Eventually, in early 2013, Odeya and her family moved to Los Angeles, where she currently resides with her parents and four younger brothers. She also has two older paternal half-brothers living in Israel.

Modeling Career

Prior to her acting career, Odeya Rush embarked on a modeling journey during her early years, which extended into her teenage years. She was noticed by a number of scouts in the US, which enabled her to quickly make her mark in the industry, featuring in prominent campaigns and advertisements for renowned fashion brands such as Gap, H&M, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger. Her early modeling work showcased her versatility and contributed to her eventual transition into the world of acting.

Acting Career Beginnings

Odeya Rush’s career began to take shape in 2010, when she landed her first acting role in the popular TV series “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”, portraying the character Hannah Milner in the episode entitled “Branded”. The following year, Odeya appeared in another TV series, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, playing the character Emily in the episode entitled “Mister Softee”. These early television roles helped Odeya gain valuable experience and exposure in the acting world.

In 2012, Odeya made her debut in feature films with a significant role in “The Odd Life of Timothy Green”. Directed by Peter Hedges, the Disney film tells the heartwarming story of Timothy, a boy with a mysterious origin, with Odeya portraying Joni Jerome, Timothy’s best friend. This breakthrough role marked her transition from television to the big screen, and allowed her to showcase her acting abilities to a broader audience.

Timothy Green and Joni Jerome (Odeya Rush, right) form a special bond when each of them reveals their deepest secrets.

Posted by The Odd Life of Timothy Green on Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rise to Stardom

In 2013, she appeared in the movie “We Are What We Are”, portraying Alyce Parker; The film follows a family of cannibals who must maintain their gruesome traditions. In this dark and suspenseful horror thriller, Odeya shared the screen with actors such as Bill Sage and Ambyr Childers.

The following year, Odeya starred in “The Giver”, a science fiction film based on Lois Lowry’s novel of the same name, playing Fiona, a resident in a seemingly utopian society. The movie also featured a remarkable ensemble cast, including Brenton Thwaites, Meryl Streep, Alexander Skarsgård and Taylor Swift among other stars. “The Giver” delves into themes of memory, freedom and individuality, making it a thought-provoking and visually stunning cinematic experience.

In 2015, Odeya took on the role of Ashley Burwood in the comedy film “See You in Valhalla”, appearing alongside Sarah Hyland, who portrayed Johana Burwood, Ashley’s cousin. The movie tells the story of a dysfunctional family reuniting after the death of their brother. Odeya’s performance contributed to the film’s heartfelt exploration of grief, forgiveness, and family dynamics. The same year, she starred in the film adaptation of R.L. Stine’s popular book series, “Goosebumps”, portraying Hannah Fairchild, the daughter of R.L. Stine, played by Jack Black. The movie revolves around the adventures that unfold when the Goosebumps monsters come to life.

In 2016, Odeya continued to expand her repertoire with “Dear Dictator”, a satirical comedy. She played the role of Tatiana Mills, a rebellious teenager who strikes up an unlikely friendship with a deposed dictator, portrayed by Michael Caine. The film also starred Katie Holmes, and it explored themes of friendship, rebellion, and personal growth with a comedic twist. Additionally in 2016, Odeya showcased her talent in the action-thriller film “The Hunter’s Prayer”, portraying Ella Hatto, sharing the screen with Sam Worthington. The movie follows a hired assassin who forms an unexpected bond with his target’s daughter, leading them on a dangerous journey of survival and redemption.

Continued Success

Continuing her successful career, Odeya Rush took on a variety of roles, collaborating with talented actors and directors in diverse projects. In 2017, she starred as Ella Hatto in the action-thriller film “The Hunter’s Prayer”, sharing the screen with Sam Worthington. The movie follows an assassin who forms an unexpected bond with his target’s daughter, leading them on a dangerous journey of survival and redemption. Odeya also appeared in “The Bachelors” as Lacy Westman, alongside J.K. Simmons. The film revolves around a grieving widower and his teenage son, who move to a new town for a fresh start, where they encounter various challenges and unexpected relationships.

Another of Odeya’s notable roles in 2017 was in Greta Gerwig’s critically acclaimed film “Lady Bird”, as the character Jenna Walton, a popular high school student and friend of the protagonist, portrayed by Saoirse Ronan. The film garnered widespread praise for its authentic portrayal of adolescent struggles and the mother-daughter relationship. Additionally, Odeya took part in the short film “Thanks”, in which she acted and took on the roles of director, producer, and writer. The film tells the story of Maddy, played by Odeya, who discovers the power of gratitude; it showcases her multifaceted talents and creative abilities.

She also appeared in the comedy-drama film “Dumplin’” as Ellen ‘Elle’ Dryver, featuring alongside Jennifer Aniston. The movie follows the story of a plus-sized teenager who enters a beauty pageant, challenging societal standards and inspiring others along the way. Furthermore, Odeya starred as Joyce Bonner in the mystery thriller “Spinning Man”, alongside Guy Pearce and Pierce Brosnan. The film explores the investigation of a philosophy professor suspected of a missing woman’s disappearance.

Most Recent Projects

In recent years, Odeya Rush has continued to make her mark in the entertainment industry with a range of intriguing projects showcasing her talent. In 2021, Odeya took on a significant role in the Hebrew-language Israeli drama series entitled “Baalat HaChalomot”, portraying two roles: Nur and Rose Romano, both of whom are pivotal to the storyline. As the titular character, Odeya’s portrayal captured the essence of these complex characters and their journeys. “Baalat HaChalomot” explores themes of dreams, identity, and self-discovery, and Odeya’s performances added depth and authenticity to the series.

Moving to the big screen in 2022, Odeya starred in the comedy-drama film “Cha Cha Real Smooth” as Macy. The movie revolves around a teenage girl, played by Odeya, who navigates her way through the challenges and complexities of high school life. Alongside her co-stars, she brings Macy to life with charm and relatability, capturing the ups and downs of adolescence and the pursuit of personal growth. The same year, Odeya appeared in the supernatural horror film “Umma” as the character River. The movie follows a young woman, played by Odeya, who returns to her family’s rural farm after her father’s death, only to encounter terrifying and otherworldly forces. Odeya’s performance was praised, alongside the suspenseful narrative as she confronts the horrors lurking within her family’s history.

She’s currently working on the thriller film “Dangerous Waters”, which is now in post-production and will co-star Ray Liotta and Eric Dane.

Net Worth

According to authoritative sources, Odeya Rush’s net worth is estimated at $500,000, as of mid-2023

Personal Life, Dating, Boyfriend, Single?

Odeya is very private about her personal life. She hasn’t shared any information about it, but it’s known that she was in a relationship with actor Ryan Lee in mid- 2010s.

Reports state that she’s currently single, and focused on her rising career

Appearance and Body Measurements

Odeya Rush has dark brown hair and blue eyes. She stands at a height of 5ft 4ins (1.63m), weighs approximately 120lbs (55kgs), with vital statistics of 35-27-36, and bra size 34B.

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